Two Powerful Male Lions Duke It Out in a Brutal Clash of Kings

Written by Hannah Crawford
Published: August 28, 2023
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When we say the term “survival in the wild,” what pops up in your mind? Typically it is things like trying to find sufficient food and water to survive by staying alive. Also, things such as finding the shelter needed to stay away from predators and the harsh environments that mother nature brings about. Lastly, we also think of animals becoming prey to carnivorous predators. 

But, do we ever think of the fight for survival by animals of their species? Probably not, because why would animals of their species fight each other to the death? Well, in the case of the lion, we will find two of them fighting. While the king of the jungle might seem invincible not only to us but also to themselves, they are not. No matter how big and bad an animal might be, they are only flesh, and flesh can be brutally beaten. 

In this short YouTube clip shown below, we see two powerful male lions duke it out in a brutal clash of kings. They are battling for the right to be king of that territory and are likely to take over the pride that the other one is already in control of. If you thought a fight between a lion and another predator like a cheetah, hyena, or wild dog was brutal, wait till you see this video below. 

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The video starts with the two male lions in full fight already. The lion on the bottom has blood on him, and the lion with the darker mane is winning so far. Off to the side, we see a female lion that is looking on and, every now in then, tries to intervene, with only a nudge to tell them to stop. She knows better than to intervene in this fight truly. 

A large reason for this fight also probably has to do with this lioness. Whoever comes out on top will not only get the territory and the pride, but they will also get the queen of that pride.

By the end of the video clip, the lion on the bottom still looks like he is losing this battle. He is using his powerful hind legs to try and get the other male lion’s face; however, the darker-maned lion’s bite force is too great for the lion to get out from underneath. 

How Strong is a Lion’s Bite Force?

Lion Bite Force - Lion Roaring and Showing Its Teeth

Male lions can run up to 35 miles per hour.


Lions are impressive felines that have easily earned the title of the king of the jungle, not only for their attitude and ability to take charge but also because of their size.

They weigh anywhere from 264-550 pounds and reach up to 8.2 feet long. According to animal research, a lion’s bite force is 650 pounds per square inch (PSI.)

Check Out the Video Below!

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