Venus Sign: Meaning and Traits for All 12 Zodiac Signs

Written by Dayva Segal
Updated: July 10, 2023
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In your natal astrology chart, each planet has its own unique placement throughout the 12 zodiac signs and 12 houses. The combination of these planets and placements results in your unique astrology, including your personality traits, communication preferences, relationship style, work habits, and other important life tendencies.

Many people know all about their sun sign because this is determined solely by your date of birth. To find out the signs of your other planets, including your Venus sign, you’ll need a full chart reading from a professional astrologer. You can also get your full chart from one of several apps or websites such as CHANI, Alabe, and Co-Star.

What Does Your Venus Sign Mean?

The planet Venus represents how you deal with relationships, art, and beauty in astrology.


The placement of the planet Venus in your natal zodiac chart is all about your relationships, love, and sensuality. It also affects your interactions with art and beauty and can also relate to money. Venus shows you your ideal love and relationship style, though, they don’t always manifest that way in life. Our ideals don’t always match what happens in real life. Because of the wounding and trauma that we receive on planet Earth, we often prevent ourselves from getting exactly what we want, especially in this realm.

Venus is a hedonistic planet that encourages us to relax and take care of ourselves. Taking a long bath, partying all night, having a decadent meal, and shopping for beautiful clothing are all Venusian pursuits. However, it must the balanced with the other planets’ energies because it is more about the physical, and little about the logical or even emotional.

In mythology, Venus is the Roman goddess of love, lust, beauty, sex, fertility, and financial success. She is also the goddess of victory in war. In Greek mythology, she was called Aphrodite. She was perhaps one of the most important, or at least most referred-to, goddesses in Roman mythology. She is the mother of The Cupids, cherubic winged deities that have a hand in love.

Venus Sign Traits

Your Venus sign primarily shows your connection to relationships, love, and lust. It also shows how you interact with pleasure and beauty in general. After reading about your own Venus sign, if you want to go even deeper, research the astrological houses to find out more about your own personal astrology.

Venus in Aries Traits

Aries Zodiac Sign

Venus in Aries is a passionate love placement. They are confident and sometimes make the first move.


Ruling Planet: Mars

Symbol: Ram

Element: Fire

Modality: Cardinal

Venus in Aries Overview: Looking for the chase, often makes the first move, impulsive spender, charming, flirtatious, gets bored in relationships

Venus in Aries is a passionate placement. They are confident in matters of love. They have no problem making the first move, and in fact, they may prefer it that way. However, it’s what happens after the first move that can get tricky for a person with Venus in Aries. They get bored and move on easily and may leave a trail of broken hearts in their wake. The best partner for an Aries Venusian is someone who loves adventures, is happy to have their partner be the center of attention and appreciates light teasing as flirtation.

Venus in Taurus Traits


It’s easy for things to get a bit stale for Venus in Taurus people.


Ruling Planet: Venus

Symbol: Bull

Element: Earth

Modality: Fixed

Venus in Taurus Overview: Looking for the real deal, frugal but enjoys splurging once in a while, physically affectionate, steady in relationships, thoughtfully romantic

People with Venus in Taurus love comfort and stability and are looking for the same thing in a partner. They want to build a home with someone, love to snuggle, and will splurge on fun, luxurious dates like fancy dinners or spa days. On the downside, it’s easy for things to get a bit stale for Venus in Taurus people. Their relationships can easily fall into predictable patterns. For some people this is great, but for others, it is a turn-off. The best partner for someone with Taurus Venus is a person who wants a predictable and stable relationship, wants to build a home with someone, and enjoys receiving and giving treats once in a while.

Venus in Gemini Traits

Gemini logo

Venus in Gemini individuals may have a long trail of broken hearts behind them.


Ruling Planet: Mercury

Symbol: Twins

Element: Air

Modality: Mutable

Venus in Gemini Overview: Looking for intellectual stimulation, flirtatious, not super into commitment, open-minded, easily bored in relationships

Venus in Gemini people are open to many different things in relationships. However, they are not the most open to commitment. They connect with people first intellectually and then physically. They make delightful dates and are usually quite charming. However, they get bored easily in relationships and need a lot of mental stimulation to keep things fresh. Similar to people with Venus in Aries, they may have a long trail of broken hearts behind them, but for somewhat different reasons. Venus in Aries is likely to dump someone who lacks an adventurous spirit, while Venus in Gemini is likely to ditch someone who lacks wit.

Venus in Cancer Traits

Cancer zodia sign

A casual relationship won’t feel fully satisfying to someone with Venus in Cancer.


Ruling Planet: The Moon

Symbol: The Crab

Element: Water

Modality: Cardinal

Venus in Cancer Overview: Looking for a serious relationship, loyal, loves commitment, intuitive in relationships, feels deeply about interpersonal issues, wants to build a home with someone special

Cancer is a sign that loves commitment, so having Venus in Cancer leads to a desire for serious relationships. A casual relationship won’t feel fully satisfying to someone with Venus in Cancer. They want their partner to feel like home or family. However, Cancer is also an intuitive and compassionate sign. People with Venus in Cancer can focus too much on their partner’s needs and lose track of what they actually need in a relationship. A great match for Venus in Cancer is someone with Venus in Taurus because both want a serious relationship that involves building a home together.

Venus in Leo Traits

Leo Zodiac Sign. Night sky background

Spoiling and being spoiled is a Leo Venusian’s favorite sport.


Ruling Planet: The Sun

Symbol: The Lion

Element: Fire

Modality: Fixed

Venus in Leo Overview: Looking to worship and be worshipped, loves to spend money on luxury and beauty, flirtatious, makes connections easily, generous, has difficulty with rejection

People with Venus in Leo easily attract partners. They are often flashy dressers and enjoy spending money on vibrant clothes and jewelry. They also tend to be generous with friends and lovers, footing the bill or spoiling with gifts. Someone with Venus in Leo wants to be adored in a relationship, and in return, they will adore right back. Spoiling and being spoiled is a Leo Venusian’s favorite sport. However, this placement does not often take rejection well. People with Leo Venus sometimes see themselves as royalty looking for their co-leader. They may find themselves in relationships that have some kind of social status (or at least social media status).

Venus in Virgo Traits

Virgo Zodiac Sign. Abstract night sky background

Even once they have chosen a partner, Venus in Virgo may come across as quite critical.


Ruling Planet: Mercury

Symbol: The Maiden/Virgin

Element: Earth

Modality: Mutable

Venus in Virgo Overview: Looking for a logical match, love language is acts of service, picky about partners, analytical, can be overly-critical of partners

People with Venus in Virgo treat their partners well but not in the grand gestures of Venus in Leo or the luxurious expenditures of Venus in Taurus. They prefer to give (and receive) acts of service to and from their partners. Because they want a relationship that makes sense on paper, they choose their partners with a lot of discernment. Even once they have chosen a partner, they may come across as quite critical. However, they’re not trying to micro-manage. In general, they are trying to help their partner be the best person they can be. The best match for Venus in Virgo is someone who appreciates feedback and will work as hard as their partner to make the relationship great.

Venus in Libra Traits

Libra Zodiac Sign. Night sky Abstract background

People with Venus in Libra are very oriented toward other people and always try to keep things peaceful.


Ruling Planet: Venus

Symbol: The Scales

Element: Air

Modality: Cardinal

Venus in Libra Overview: Looking for a partner who looks as good as they do, enjoys aesthetics, wants partners to feel equal, can be shallow, strives for harmony

People with Venus in Libra love aesthetics. They are likely to have great personal style and a beautiful home. These individuals are very stable, but not super intense, in relationships. They like to have their mind clear in order to focus on equality and balance in the relationship. People with Venus in Libra are very oriented toward other people and always try to keep everything peaceful. Because of this, they can lose themselves in community friction or in relationships when there is too much conflict. They get along best with partners who are self-aware and have good communication skills because they prefer calm and peace.

Venus in Scorpio Traits

Scorpio zodia sign

With Venus in Scorpio, intensity comes to the realm of relationships and beauty.


Ruling Planet: Mars and Pluto

Symbol: The Scorpion

Element: Water

Modality: Fixed

Venus in Scorpio Overview: Looking for deep intimacy, passionate, likely kinky, private about relationships, selective, sensitive

The sign Scorpio is all about what lies beneath. Secrets, depth, and intuition abound with any Scorpio placement. With Venus in Scorpio, all this intensity comes to the realm of relationships and beauty. People with this placement often attract a lot of people but in a different way than Venus in Leo or Venus in Aries. Their mysterious way of moving through the world makes people want to know more about them, so they attract a lot of people, but only a few make it through their strong filters. Once someone does make the cut, someone with Venus in Scorpio makes for a loyal lover and partner. However, the depth and intensity of a relationship with someone with Venus in Scorpio is not for everyone. They need to match with someone who also desires a profound connection.

Venus in Sagittarius Traits

Saggittarius zodiac sign

Venus in Sagittarius people are very independent.


Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Symbol: The Archer

Element: Fire

Modality: Mutable

Venus in Sagittarius Overview: Looking for an adventure partner, appreciates humor, free-spirited, indulgent, tends to have good luck.

Have you dated a slew of mountain climbers, adventure travelers, and van-life gurus? Chances are you have Venus in Sagittarius. People with this placement are looking for their adventure partner in life. For them, the point of intimacy is to have an activity partner and someone who is just as down to do all the amazing things they want to do in life. However, Venus in Sagittarius people are also very independent. So, they need a partner who can give them the space to experience things on their own once in a while. Their ideal match is someone who also requires a bit of independent space sometimes.

Venus in Capricorn Traits

Capricorn Zodiac Sign. Night sky Abstract background

Venus in Capricorns are willing to work on a relationship but may believe incompatibilities can be fixed.


Ruling Planet: Saturn

Symbol: The Sea-Goat

Element: Earth

Modality: Cardinal

Venus in Capricorn Overview: Looking for a business partner, takes relationships seriously, views relationships through logic, very dependable

People with Venus in Capricorn may find themselves starting businesses or money-making endeavors with their partners. They may also simply work very hard on their relationship. Either way, they take romance very seriously. Like the other earth signs in a Venus placement, they are discerning about partners but very loyal once they pick someone. Venus in Capricorn people are willing to work on a relationship, but that may lead them to believe that any incompatibility can be fixed or overcome. This may lead them to stay in bad or difficult relationships for far too long. It’s important for Venus in Capricorns to recognize their boundaries and learn when it’s time to move on. People with this placement would do well with a match that values loyalty and who is also willing to work on things in a relationship.

Venus in Aquarius Traits

Gold Aquarius zodiac symbol on black background

Aquarius is a sign of innovation and experimentation.


Ruling Planet: Uranus

Symbol: The Water Bearer

Element: Air

Modality: Fixed

Venus in Aquarius Overview: Looking for relationship rebellion, community-oriented, independent in relationships, loves to experiment, more likely to have unconventional relationships

People with Venus in Aquarius are likely to value their friendships and community as much as their romantic relationships. In fact, some people with this placement might value those communal connections more than romantic ones. However, if they do choose to get into a relationship, they need a lot of space and independence. Aquarius is a sign of innovation and experimentation. So, people with this placement might be more open than others to unconventional relationship styles or open relationships. They connect with people intellectually and need to have the stimulation of the mind before things move onto the physical realm. People with this placement would be a great match with someone else who values freedom and independence in their relationships.

Venus in Pisces Traits

Pisces zodiac sign

Self-care and self-awareness are tools that Venus in Pisces can use to ensure healthy, loving relationships.


Ruling Planet: Neptune

Symbol: The Fish

Element: Water

Modality: Mutable

Venus in Aquarius Overview: Looking for a soul-mate, idealistic and naive about relationships, loves unconditionally, compassionate, intuitive in relationships

Venus in Pisces is a placement that allows for deep, flowing, and real love. People with this placement are looking for a soul match in life, and once they find that they are likely to be satisfied. Because of their desire for this ideal love, they can be a bit naive in the department of romance. They are also very compassionate and love to help others. Because of these two qualities, they can sometimes be blind to their partner’s faults and allow themselves to be mistreated in relationships. Self-care and self-awareness are two tools that people with Venus in Pisces can use to make sure they are in a healthy and loving relationship.

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