Viral Video Shows the Enormous Size of a Hairy Tarantula a Man Finds in His House

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: October 23, 2023
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A person on Reddit will have you ready to crawl out of your skin when you see the size of the hairy tarantula they found in their home. A massive tarantula is standing near the side of the wall when the homeowner saw it. 

We understand that spiders are animals too and you should treat them with respect. The way this enormous arachnid sped away straight toward the homeowner has us questioning our morals. In all seriousness, catching a spider and placing it outdoors is the most humane thing to do if you find one in your home. 

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Signs of a Tarantula in Your Home

Being a burrowing spider, tarantulas might be challenging to find in your residence. If you have observed tarantulas near your house, they most likely live underground and are difficult to locate.

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However, these creatures do not weave webs to ensnare their prey the way other spiders do, so they must leave their hiding places to go hunting. They accomplish this by being cunning, though certain tarantula species can leave a very short, slender rope of spider silk dangling around their burrow to serve as a kind of tripwire to warn them that prey is around. 

The later it gets in the evening, the more probable you are to see a tarantula because they normally forage at night. Homeowners with an ant infestation can expect to see a tarantula as well. 

Lycosa tarantula is the species originally known as the tarantula. It now may be better called the tarantula wolf spider.


Getting rid of pests like ants and patching up any gaps in screens or other openings that could allow spiders to get into your home are two strategies you may employ to render your house less enticing for them.

Are Tarantulas Dangerous?

Is finding a hairy tarantula in your home a cause to burn the place to the ground and make a run for it? Absolutely not! All species of tarantula are lethal to the bugs and small creatures that they feed on. The idea that tarantulas can kill people is untrue. 

Even the extremely aggressive Cobalt Blue Tarantula, which has a history of attacking and menacing people, is typically not fatal to humans. In light of this, anybody bitten by a tarantula of any kind should exercise vigilance and seek medical help if they have any concerns or develop adverse responses.

Many huge spiders that look like tarantulas are extremely harmful to humans. People mistake them for tarantulas, which contributes to the spread of the misconception that tarantulas are dangerous. 

For instance, the Brazilian Wandering Spider is frequently cited as the world’s deadliest spider. Because of its size and velvety body and legs, the Brazilian Wandering spider is often mistaken for a tarantula. Brazilian Wandering spiders have extremely deadly venom that can be dangerous to humans. 


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