Warthog Gets Careless and Walks Too Close to a Rhino Who Spears the Hog and Tosses it High Into the Air

Written by Hannah Crawford
Updated: October 19, 2023
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The cruelty of the wild is unparalleled to the cruelty that is offered in this world. We are saddened to see so many gruesome deaths that happen in the wild. While sad, we do understand the necessity of it. We say gruesome deaths because the death of an animal in the wild is not quick. It’s not like an animal who got shot and is dead instantly. 

A lion mauling, a crocodile chomping, or a herd stomping is not instantaneous. These deaths can sometimes last for a very long time before the death is over. In many instances, the animals are being eaten before they are even dead. We don’t say this to gross you out. We say this to bring awareness to how cruel the animal kingdom can be. However, now and then, we see video footage like the one below and are blown away by a kill like this. 

Making the Rhino Angry

Angry white rhino.

Rhinos can reach up to 30 miles per hour.


This next YouTube video is a shocker, for sure. We are taken to a field with some rhinos and warthogs. This could be a conservatory of some kind; however, we aren’t completely sure as there is no other background information given. 

We see this enormous male rhino that is dead center of the video. He is eating and, quite frankly, minding his own business. We see various warthogs running around as warthogs do. At eight seconds, we see a particularly feisty warthog appear on the left-hand side of our screen. At 11 seconds, we see the rhino jerk his head toward the warthog. This is a warning for this feisty little fellow to leave well enough alone.

However, as you can guess, this gutsy little guy doesn’t know how to back off. He continues to inch closer. It’s quite humorous to see this warthog bend his head down as if he crouched down and he wouldn’t be seen. Nonetheless, this enormous rhino knew exactly what this warthog was doing. 

Suddenly, and with one quick motion, this rhino kills this warthog. Woha, that was so fast. Let’s slow it down. If we go to 45 seconds, we watch this kill happen in slow motion. The rhino pushes his head down and gets his horn up under this warthog. With amazing strength, he lifts this warthog clean in the air. The warthog comes crashing down, and he is dead. The video editor comically adds at the end, “Moral of the story: DON’T INVITE YOURSELF TO DINNER.” 

What is the Strength of a Rhinoceros?

Rhinos (Rhinocerotidae) of the order Perissodactyla are extremely large mammals. These animals can weigh anywhere from 800-3,500 kilograms (1,765-7,716 pounds). If we also look at their enormous horns, they can be as long as 59 inches in some cases!

According to Animals Research, “Rhinoceroses are one of the strongest animals in the world, as their size and powerful features suggest.” 

Check Out the Amazing Footage Below!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Corrie Barnard/Shutterstock.com

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