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Watch an Arizona Family Discover a Terrifying Rattlesnake Den in Their Backyard

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: April 15, 2023
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Think You Know Snakes?
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Key Points:

  • In the video below, six western diamondback rattlesnakes and two Sonoran gopher snakes were removed from where they were living in a rock feature near a pool in a family’s backyard.
  • The expert in the video identified an area that snakes use socially. He had already released a male and female there so he knew that another couple would be welcomed.
  • The snakes were released into an abandoned woodrat burrow – a favorite habitat for snakes.

Not what you want to find in your backyard — or anywhere else around your home actually! This clip does not have a gentle introduction. Right away you see a rattlesnake being retrieved from a plant pot and refuse to cooperate with a snake expert as he tries to deposit it safely into a secure container for removal. You can clearly hear the warning rattling as the snake thrashes about. We learn from the video notes that in total six western diamondback rattlesnakes and two Sonoran gopher snakes were retrieved from the same house in Scottsdale. They had been living near a rock feature and a pool.

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake (Crotalus atrox)
Western diamondback rattlesnakes are found in the southwestern U.S. and northern Mexico.

©Alexander Wong/

Releasing Snakes Back Into the Wild

The remainder of the video shows the snake expert releasing snakes back into the wild, which must be a very satisfying part of the job. He starts by looking for some snakes that he had released earlier. We bet that he spots them a long time before you do! Their camouflage against the sticks and branches is excellent. Importantly, the fact that the snake is there proves that this area can successfully support the species.

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The snakes are in a wood rat nest although these are also sometimes called pack rats. These rodents are native to North America and like to live in deserts, woodlands, and caves. This particular habitat is woodland and grassland. These guys are well known for picking up objects and using them to make nests and dams. They usually grow to around 18.5 inches in length and weigh up to around 14 ounces. Their nests create a great environment for snakes.

Wood rats’ nests make a great spot for snakes

© Leonard Photography

The Art of Releasing Snakes

To give released snakes the best chance of survival, you need to know what you are doing. This expert explains that he is releasing two Sonoran gopher snakes and two western diamondback rattlesnakes.

Because the snakes are from the same area, it is okay to release them in the same spot. He has identified the pack rat nest as an area that the snakes use socially. There is already a male-female pair there and releasing just one other male could have been an issue as it would have upset the original male rattlesnake. However, because a female is also being released, it should work out fine!

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coiled western diamondback rattlesnake
Western diamondback rattlesnakes coil up and rattle their tails to discourage predators.
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