Watch A Baby Giraffe Magically Survive an Adult Lion Attack

Written by Alan Lemus
Published: September 25, 2022
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As the ‘king of the jungle,’ many preys don’t survive a lion’s attack. It becomes even more difficult for the target to withstand an attack when a pride of lions is on the prowl. In a magical incident, however, a baby giraffe survived an adult lion attack, as seen in the video.

The video from Wilderness Sightings illustrates how the lion chases and catches the baby giraffe, but before devouring her, she somehow escapes. This incredible scene has attracted hilarious comments on YouTube. One person said, “Looks like that little fella just stopped by for a hug….”

These big cats mainly target young and sick giraffes. According to Ranger Planet, three out of four giraffe babies die from predator attacks before adulthood.

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How Do Lions Attack Giraffes?

An individual lion rarely attacks a giraffe without the help of another unless the giraffe is young or disabled. In addition, lions rarely go hunting alone. Instead, they move in a group called pride.

But killing a giraffe isn’t an easy task for the pride of lions because of its height. As a result, it takes well-calculated tactics for lions to hunt giraffes successfully.

The forelimbs of the lions are strong enough to hold and grab the prey. In addition, lions use their powerful jaws to kill prey by strangling or biting them.

But the lion can’t pounce directly on a giraffe’s neck because it’s too tall. As a result, it attacks the hind legs of the giraffe. Other reasons why the lion attacks the giraffe from behind include:

  • The giraffe can’t see an attack back from behind
  • Stumbling the giraffe to the ground is more accessible from behind
  • The giraffe’s hindquarter’s skin is thinner, making it easier for the lions to penetrate

After several bites and claw wounds, the giraffe becomes less resistant, and more lions leap onto its back. Eventually, the giraffe falls to the ground, and the lions choke it to death. Now their meal is ready. 

The above tactic is long and dangerous. It may not always work for many lions. Consequently, in rare cases, lions may attack giraffes when drinking water since their necks are at ground level.

Lions in the dense woodlands have higher chances of successfully hunting giraffes than those in the grassland. This is because the thick undergrowth provides lions a place to hide, allowing them to attack giraffes quickly.

The Power of the Giraffe’s Defense Mechanism

Although the giraffes may look weak, the big cats find it hard to prey on them. This is because they have a robust defense mechanism.  

Adult giraffes use their hind or fore legs to kick predators, such as lions, during an attack. The average weight of an adult male giraffe is about 1700 pounds. Thus, one strike could break a lion’s skull or back.

Other defense tactics include:

  • The height of giraffes makes it hard for predators to attack them successfully
  • The giraffe’s long strides make it difficult for predators to keep up with its speed
  • Having 360-degree views of their surroundings alerts them of predators 

Although a giraffe can escape predators, a lion’s claws can cause infections, resulting in death.

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