Watch a Battle Between a Copperhead vs. Kingsnake in Alabama Woods

Written by Hannah Ward
Updated: May 18, 2023
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Key Points:

  • A fight between a copperhead and a kingsnake was captured on video in Alabama.
  • Copperheads are venomous snakes – while kingsnakes are constrictors that use muscle power to hold and squeeze prey to death.
  • In a match between a venomous snake and a constrictor – surprisingly, the constrictor over-powers the copperhead and wins this epic battle to the death.
What Eats Snakes
Kingsnakes are known for eating other snakes – including venomous species. Kingsnakes are apparently immune to the venom of the snake species upon which they prey.

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There are many epic showdowns in the animal world, but can you imagine stepping out into the woods near your yard and witnessing an incredible battle between two snakes mere feet away from you?

That’s exactly what happened in Alabama, and luckily, the entire thing was captured on video.

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This is only a short clip, and when it begins, it’s difficult to tell just what we’re looking at, as barely noticeable amongst the leaf litter are two perfectly camouflaged snakes – a copperhead and a kingsnake.

When it comes to copperhead vs Kingsnake, you’d probably expect it to be a fair, simple fight. After all, one is venomous, and one is a constrictor. Yet, it immediately becomes clear that the venomous copperhead is at a disadvantage as the kingsnake attempts to wind itself around it.

The copperhead strikes violently, its body jerking up into the air as the kingsnake slowly attempts to coil itself further up its body.

Northern Copperhead (agkistrodon contortrix mokasen) on leaf litter - taken in New Jersey. Its ground color is pale brown to pinkish-brown, and it has darker, hour-glass shaped bands down its body.
Copperheads are venomous snakes that strike when they feel threatened.

© Kenny

The copperhead writhes again, attempting to free itself, but in a flash, the kingsnake manages another coil…now it really is a battle for survival.

Again, the kingsnake attempts to move closer, cautiously avoiding the deadly fangs of the copperhead as it strikes furiously again. The copperhead tries to move away, fighting for its life but is pinned by the heavy weight of the powerful kingsnake around its body.

Slowly, the kingsnake slithers up towards the head of the copperhead. Now, we get the sense that this battle is about to reach its climax.

With its mouth gaping open, the kingsnake grabs the copperhead by the back of its neck as the copperhead tries valiantly to retaliate. But it’s too late!

In one expert movement, the kingsnake flips them both. After a moment or two of rolling and thrashing, the kingsnake begins to coil itself tightly around the copperhead, squeezing and suffocating it.

There is a gasp from the onlookers. “Oh my gosh,” they say, as the kingsnake coils itself three times, then four, around the copperhead.

After a final thrash of the tail, the copperhead goes limp, and the video ends, leaving us with the feeling that we’ve just witnessed one of the most extraordinary feats of nature.

Watch The Full Video Below!

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