Watch A Bear Casually Scale a Military Base Fence In Florida

Written by Colby Maxwell
Published: September 16, 2022
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Scaling a barbed wire fence is something that you pretty much only seen in movies, especially if it’s the fence to a military base! We’ve all seen imaginative scenes where escapees break in or out of an institution surrounded by barbed wire. As a general rule, humans don’t do too well against tall fences topped in barbed wire, especially if we don’t have tools. That reality makes this video all the more impressive!

In a recent video, we see an example of how strong and tough a bear really is. The video is short, but it depicts a pretty amazing scene: a bear halfway up a 10-foot-tall barbed wire fence! If you’ve ever tried to scale a fence like this one, you will know just how impressive it truly is.

The video takes place in Florida, right outside a military base. The location tells us a bit about the bear trying to climb the fence as well. Florida is home to one species of bear, the American black bear. Although the black bear isn’t as large as the more famous grizzly or polar bears, it is still a formidable creature in it’s own right.

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As the black bear climbs, it gets to the hardest part of the entire ordeal; the barbed wire. Scaling a chain fence isn’t all that hard, but waiting at the top of this particular one was a nasty surprise. Three long rows of barbed wire, sharp enough to cut. For a human, this would have been the end of the journey, especially if they didn’t have special tools. A creative individual could maybe get through the wire if they had some wire cutters or even a thick blanket to lay over the wire, but the bear had neither.

Instead, it stands on top of the wire, spins around, and lowers itself like it is an absolute pro! As the person recording the event pulls up in the car, the bear takes a second to look at them. Then, with a calculated move, it spins around and stands directly on the wire, totally unaffected. After pausing for a second, the bear then lowers itself, grabs the other side of the fence with its paws, and hops off.

The moves are so human-like that someone could easily mistake the large bear under the right circumstances! The bear has clearly done this before and has gotten the move down to a science. In fact, animals adapting to human establishments can be seen all over the world. Deer learn to cross roads, geese learn to survive on wet football fields, and fish live in city drainage systems all over.

The ordeal was quite amazing to witness, especially with how reclusive black bears can be. On average, black bears weigh 300 lbs, although the largest individual to ever be seen was around 760 lbs. For an animal as large as that, it’s amazing how nimble they can be!

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