Watch a Brave Mama Cat Protect Her Kittens From a Python

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Written by Alan Lemus

Updated: October 18, 2023

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mama cat
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Cats are naturally protective of their kittens. The mother cat will stay close to her kitten and hiss or spit at anyone or anything that comes near. She may also growl and bite if she feels threatened.

Some cats protect their kittens by hiding them in a safe place, such as a box or under the bed. Other cats will move the kittens around frequently, so predators won’t find them easily.

This video shows this brave cat defending her kittens against a furious python. The tiny fellas are seen hiding behind their mother, looking frightened. Although her family is in danger, the cat persists in saving them.

Cats can be territorial and protective of their territory and family members. As a result, if they perceive their territory as threatened, they may attack to protect it. They may also attack other animals to protect themselves from injury or death.

Can Cats Kill Snakes?

While cats can be excellent hunters and are known to have killed snakes on occasion, they aren’t necessarily built to kill them. Instead, cats have a variety of weapons at their disposal, including claws and sharp teeth, that they can use to protect themselves against predators.


Cats have a variety of weapons for dealing with snakes, including sharp teeth and claws.

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But cats may be equipped to fight off a snake, but they’ll not do so unless they feel threatened. They don’t look for snakes to kill just because they’re bored.

That said, cats can kill snakes if they’re hungry enough or if one invades their territory. A cat might also kill a snake if it’s protecting its kittens from danger or if it feels like it has no other choice but to do so to survive in the wild.

The Dangers of Snakes for Cats

kerinci, Indonesia, February 25, 2021, The gray water snake or also known as the rice snake is a type of water snake that is often found in rice fields and irrigation canals in tropical South Asia.

Certain types of snakes have venom that is dangerous to cats.

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Snakes are dangerous creatures, and they can pose a threat to your feline friend. Many different species of snakes can harm or even kill your cat. They include copperheads, cottonmouths, coral snakes, and rattlesnakes.

Cats shouldn’t be around snakes because the venomous nature of snakes can cause severe injury or death to cats. Some snakes can even kill an adult human being with just one bite!

Snakes are naturally aggressive animals and attack anything they consider a threat or food. If they see your cat as either of those things, then there is no telling what will happen next. This could include biting, grabbing, and constriction, resulting in suffocation or strangulation if not treated within minutes of exposure to this type of attack.

How to Keep Snakes Away From Your Home?

A profile shot of an Eastern Garter Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis). Shot in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

The garter snake is a non-venomous snake you do not want to repel. They help keep populations of pests under control.

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Snake repellent is a spray or gel you can buy at pet stores. It contains a substance that snakes find unpleasant and will keep them away from your garden, lawn, or house.

You can also use a cat to help keep snakes away. Cats are natural predators of snakes, so they may be able to keep the reptiles away from your property.

Cats have keen senses of smell and hearing, allowing them to see and hear things humans can’t. For example, they can detect the scent of snakes before they see or hear them. When they see a snake, they often go into defense mode and attack it. Their instinct is to kill the snake because it could be dangerous to their life if left alone in the yard or garden with other cats around.

Cats usually kill their prey by biting it and then throwing it up with their front paws so it lands on its back like a turtle when flipped over by a predator. The cat will then stand on top of the snake until it dies from suffocation or lack of blood flow.

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