Watch a Buffalo Escape Certain Death After Lions Turn on Each Other

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: August 30, 2023
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Key Points:

  • In this clip, you will see a pride of lions face off with a herd of buffalo.
  • Female lions will often lead the hunting pride.
  • Buffalo sometimes don’t run when they see a predator, what happens instead is they form a protective circle around themselves.

Nature is full of wild interactions, especially between predators and prey. Latest Sightings is a popular wildlife Youtube channel that is no stranger to this. In a video we have below, lions go head-to-head with a herd of buffalo

Following a conflict between the two lion prides, a buffalo that was about to become the supper for several lions miraculously survived. Mike Kirkman, an accredited guide of South Africa’s Mala Mala Private Game Reserve recorded the video.

He came upon two competing lion prides watching a herd of buffalos while on a safari tour. One pride’s lioness jumped on a wandering buffalo that was in trouble. Despite popular belief, it is indeed the lioness that does the majority of the hunting.

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Female lions often lead the hunt for the entire pride.


The lioness from the other pride dashes into sight as the buffalo’s calls for aid start to fade. Funny enough, the buffalo got to its feet and hobbled toward safety as the two big cats continued to fight for a meal that was no longer there. 

A top comment on the upload reads, “​​What an amazing sighting! Incredible that the buffalo was able to get up and trot away after all that, what a narrow escape!” We couldn’t agree more! 

How Do Buffalo Adapt to Defend Themselves?

Buffalo often don’t flee when they see a predator; instead, they form a protective circle about the most defenseless individuals in the herd, facing out so they can employ their horns to perhaps scare off or harm any intruders. 

Male lion attack huge buffalo bull while riding on his back
Lions will often attack larger prey from behind.


They also have large, strong horns that are helpful. These are pointed and serve as a protection against predators for both males and females. Horns are effective for cutting at an attacker’s flank and stomach.  

As infection will swiftly take hold of the open wounds, these kinds of wounds frequently result in death for the attacker. It’s a slow burn, but boy, does it pay off for the buffalo. These large beasts are also known to be quite aggressive towards predators. This keeps them safer than a timid personality would. 

More Animals That Live With Lions and Buffalo

A crocodile and lion face off in a fight
The primary cause of fights among adult lions and crocodiles is each predator’s desire to take the other’s prey.

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The main predators in the area that can take down both buffalos and lions are crocodiles. Although it is improbable that a crocodile would regularly hunt prey as big as an adult buffalo, crocodiles are ancient predators. 

They will engage in any fight in the hopes of snatching a piece of meat. When a lion enters the water, a crocodile might attack it, although lions have been known to hunt and consume juvenile crocodiles. 

The primary cause of fights among adult lions and crocodiles is each predator’s desire to take the other’s prey. Although these battles are uncommon, lions tend to be the aggressors.

Check Out the Full Video!

In this video you’ll see a lion pride attacking and bringing down buffalo. Watch this entire video until the end, it may surprise you!

Check it out:

Lion showdown ruins the hunt

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