Watch a Bull Moose Wrestle for Freedom After Getting Stuck in a Tire Swing

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: November 23, 2022
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Some days we make good choices, some days we make bad choices and other days we make really bad choices! We bet this adult moose is regretting checking out the area around this tire swing because it has caused him a whole load of bother.

We join the action when the moose is already tangled up in the rope and is getting increasingly distressed.

Moose Tangled in a Rope Swing

The moose is in a very difficult situation. His antlers have become caught up in the rope swing and as he struggles, the tangle just gets worse. He is leaping and bucking around and is getting increasingly distressed. This shows us how dangerous it can be to leave things in the natural environment. Animals can choke and get caught up in our possessions. Even something as innocent looking as a tire on a rope can cause a lot of issues for wildlife.

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Thankfully, help is on the way but it is not going to be easy. The human rescuer starts by trying to release the rope with what looks like long snippers. He starts off doing this from the ground but his presence makes the moose even more distressed. It is impossible for him to place the tool where he needs to when the moose is leaping around like this.

So, he resorts to plan B! He gets a ladder, climbs up the tree, crawls along a branch and approaches the moose from above. This gives him a better perspective of the task. Also, by now, the moose is tiring and is not leaping around so much. Even so, the rescuer has to be remarkably patient. He perseveres and tries over and over again to release the moose. Finally, he manages it and the moose can trot free without even looking back to say thank you!

bull moose
Bull moose have long antlers

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Moose and Their Antlers

Moose are the largest of the deer species and are found in some areas of the U.S. and Canada as well as Asia and Europe. They have a distinctive long face and muzzles that hang over their chins. They also have a flap of skin that sways under their throat.

It is the male moose that has antlers and these can reach up to six feet wide. No wonder they can get caught up in things They grow in late spring and early summer. The antlers on this moose are only a couple of feet long and they have caused enough problems!

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Large bull moose
Moose grow antlers.
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