Watch a Car Zoom Down a Highway With a Giant Python Hanging Out the Window

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: February 23, 2023
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Snakes are resourceful and resilient creatures with an array of survival skills but very few experts realize that hitching a ride is one of them. We are sharing here the most incredible sight – captured in China and it is one of the strangest things you are likely to see on the roads!

Bright Yellow Snake Hitching a Ride!

This footage was apparently captured in the south of China and shows a perfectly regular car traveling along a highway. It was taken by the occupants of another vehicle as they pass the small, white car with a highly irregular passenger.

Draped across the back of the car is a bright yellow snake although at times, it seems to be making its way inside through a slightly open window. Perhaps it was being transported in the car and made its way outside without being spotted by the car’s occupants.

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In the video notes, the snake is identified as a three-meter-long Burmese python that eventually drops to the ground. According to the notes, it is then rescued by highway workers and passed to the care of the forestry department.

Albino Burmese Pythons are popular pets due to their unusual coloring

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Burmese Pythons in Their Natural Habitats

Burmese pythons are native snakes of Asia but they are popular exotic pets all over the world. In the wild, you will find them in jungles and marshy grasslands. They can live for 20 years and grow up to 23 feet long.

Most commonly, these pythons are a tan color with dark spots on the back and sides of the body that look very similar to the markings on a giraffe. However, the snake on this car is a bright yellow and that means that it is likely to be an albino Burmese python which can also be white and orange. The unusual coloring means that these snakes are more popular as pets despite their huge size. However, taking on a snake as large as this is a huge commitment and requires a level of expertise. You will need somewhere suitable to keep it and will need to provide a suitable diet. For a mature Burmese python that is two rabbits a week so you will need to know how to source these. You also need to know how to feed them safely without getting injured and how to transport them appropriately without this sort of thing happening!


A huge python was spotted on a car that was driving along a highway in the south of China.The more than 3m-long Burmese python finally dropped onto the road, where it was rescued by highway workers and handed over to the forestry department. #snake #python #snakesoftiktok

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Albino Burmese python on pebbles
Albino Burmese pythons can be yellow, orange or white
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