Watch a Chameleon Attack, Miss Its Target, and Bite a Man’s Arm

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: January 14, 2023
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Chameleons have remarkable colorations. It’s what they use to communicate. Their colors shift depending on several different factors, including emotions like anger and fear. They may also alter their colors based on the temperature and changes in light.

Male chameleons feature brighter, bolder colors to be more attractive to females. Females may change colors to either accept or reject a male, and they also change when they are pregnant. They never stop growing, and they shed their skin in bits and pieces throughout their lifetimes.

In this next clip, you get to enjoy a wonderful close-up of a chameleon. A man has a colorful beetle on his wrist and he’s presenting it to the chameleon. The chameleon has its eyes focused on its snack and has its tongue out from the start.

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The beetle takes a few steps on the man’s wrist before the chameleon goes in for its attack. It moves quickly, using its tongue on the beetle as it comes in with both front legs to steady itself on the man’s wrist. What the chameleon doesn’t realize as it takes a bite is that it has included a bit of the man’s skin.

What do chameleons eat - eating an insect

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The man yells out, “Ow!” as you hear the crunch of the beetle in the chameleon’s mouth. The chameleon takes a couple more bites at the beetle, including the man’s skin a second and third time. “That’s my arm!” says the man, while the beetle continues chomping at its meal.

Finally, the beetle releases the man’s skin and continues devouring the iridescent beetle. The chameleon continues using the man’s wrist to steady itself as it finishes crunching through the beetle. You hear the man recover from the unexpected bite and say, “Geez, are you serious bro?”

The chameleon can’t be bothered, however. It is fully entranced with the snack it’s enjoying. You hear a couple more crunchy sounds before the video starts over. You’ll want to watch the replay — it’s even more comical the second time around.

Although the man seems to exclaim in pain when it happens, he confesses in the comment section that it didn’t hurt him nearly as bad as it sounded. He just wanted to add to the drama for the sake of the video. He did well and the decision to choose an equally brightly-colored food item for the chameleon makes this a fabulous visual feast.

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