Watch A Chunky Hippo Launch A Sneak Attack And Send A Lion Pride Running For The Hills

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Written by Kirstin Harrington

Updated: November 15, 2023

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Heaviest Animals: Hippopotamus
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A gorgeous African safari is at the top of the bucket list for a lot of people. Those who get the opportunity to actually experience such an adventure never know what to expect. A nail-biting sighting took place in the Selinda Reserve in Botswana and thankfully it was all recorded. 

The phrase “kings of the jungle” is frequently used to describe lions. The majority of the time, this is accurate because they are naturally aggressive, territorial, and dominant animals. They are excellent hunters and won’t leave their lands without a solid reason. But, they will inevitably have to travel over risky terrain and take risks, like every other animal.

Animals With the Toughest Skin

To stay cool in the blistering African heat, hippos spend most of their day in rivers and lakes.

In Botswana, a lion pride was trying to get across the Selinda spillway. They were definitely aware of the hippos nearby, but they saw the need to cross the river despite this information. When they began to cross, they became aware that they were in already-claimed, uncharted seas. Was it too late for these big cats to turn back? Keep on reading to find out!

Hippos are infamous for being extremely deadly creatures and for being fiercely territorial, particularly when animals approach them too closely. Because to the fact that they had recently witnessed these enormous lions approaching their domain, the four lions crossing presented a threat to the hippos. oblivious to the fact that the cats were presumably just attempting to cross.

On a Mission

Wild Newborn Baby Hippopotamas calf and Mother In Africa

Hippos can reach speeds of almost 20mph in the water.

The one hippo sets off on a mission to get the lions from the water and isn’t afraid to kill. Just to show that they do not accept unannounced animals, especially lions, into their territory. 

Two lions were able to successfully traverse the water, and one was able to quickly turn around and swim to shore to the opposite bank. Overall, no lions suffered serious injuries. The other half of the pride, however, had not yet decided how to return to their pride members who were on the other side.

The top comment on the video has over 11,000 likes and reads, “Maybe it’s just me, but the hippo being able to move that fast through the water is frightening.” We couldn’t agree more! Hippos are often misunderstood as most people are raised to think they’re these cute, pudgy, harmless wild animals

In reality, the hippopotamus is the world’s deadliest big land mammal and a particularly hostile wild animal. In Africa, hippo attacks are thought to claim the lives of 500 people annually. They are deadly not just because of their size and weight, but also because of their razor-sharp teeth.

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