Watch a Crocodile and Massive Snake Wrestle For Survival

Written by Hannah Crawford
Updated: October 9, 2023
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It’s hard for us to imagine any animal having the guts to take on a python. Why is it that when we think of large snakes like this, we imagine something like an anaconda from the movie “Anacondas?” It’s like a nightmare coming to life and swallowing us whole. However, some animals are brave enough to take on these large reptiles. 

Vicious Attack on a Reticulated Python

In the case of this short Instagram reel that is shared below, we see a crocodile take a fierce attack on this reticulated python. At the start of this video, we see a crocodile come right on in what looks to be someone’s backyard and grab this python. There is no second-guessing with this crocodile. He is ready for a meal and the fact that this meal just so happens to be a python does not scare him in the least. 

As the crocodile has his grip on the middle of this python’s body, we see him viciously shaking. This is because we see this reticulated python attempting to coil himself around the crocodile tightly. The crocodile knows this could be deadly, so he shakes to get the python off. His teeth crushed down on this python, making it impossible for the snake to get out of this grip.

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Crocodile with Open Mouth

Crocodiles are apex predators.


As nightmares go, it’s common for people to be scared of crocodiles. After all, they don’t exactly look cuddly and like an animal we would want to pet. Crocodiles can weigh anywhere from 40-2,200 pounds and reach up to 23 feet long. But what’s scary is not knowing whether this large reptile would attack people. While it has happened on occasion, it’s not a regular occurrence. However, it has happened before. And what’s dangerous is their bite. 

Crocodile Bite

According to the National Library of Medicine, they have this to say about the bite force of a crocodile. 

“Crocodiles have a high bite force capable of transecting the body of an adult human into two parts or amputating the lower limb above the knee.7 This is very similar to mutilated war blast injuries. In water, humans are weaker and slower than other prey animals, have difficulty balancing their bodies, and are easier to hunt. That is why the majority of crocodile attacks occur in water or a near water edge.” 

Check Out the Incredible Video Below!

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