Watch an Alligator Fight a Python in an Epic Underwater Battle

Written by Opal
Published: December 3, 2022
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The best-known characteristic of Burmese pythons, one of the biggest snakes in the world, is the manner they catch and consume their prey. The snake grabs its victim with its razor-sharp, backward-facing teeth before coiling its body around it and squeezing until the prey is suffocating.

The Burmese python has a massive, bulky body. It has two distinct lines that cross each eye on the head, running horizontally, and is dark brown with beige spots. The python is regarded as a primordial snake, different from numerous other species in that it has two working lungs and vestiges of its hindquarters. These skeletal remnants along either side of the cloaca resemble spurs.

Incredible footage found on Youtube (linked below) showcases one of these gorgeous snakes in a battle for its life. The serpent’s opponent? A territorial alligator! Large male alligators are lone, possessive creatures. 

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Head-on view of large alligator
Head-on view of a large alligator protecting his territory


The biggest males and females will guard the best areas, including underwater. Because smaller alligators are more tolerant of other alligators in their size class, smaller alligators are frequently encountered in huge numbers in close proximity to one another.

Underwater Fighting

The interaction between one alligator and a Burmese python shows just how intense things can get in the wild. We can see the alligator slowly floating when suddenly the snake, with its jaw unhinged lunged around the underbelly of the ancient beast.

Knowing this is how they attack, the ‘gator is able to defend himself. The naive snake comes back for more and eventually finds himself on the water floor where several other alligators can be found. 

Realizing that he wasn’t going to win this fight, the snake makes an attempt to leave the pristine, clear water. On his way out, an alligator grabs him and whips him around under the water. 

A gator may occasionally move its prey around in its mouth. That is the time to flee when its jaw opens again. Alligators twist and roll after securing prey with their formidable jaws. For some reason, the alligator releases the snake and it quickly swims away.

One of the comments praises incredible seeing this footage is: This is one of the best videos of underwater encounters I’ve ever seen. Well done.” We do have to give props to the camera person… they surely have enough bravery to face these animals so closely!

Another comment reads, “Alligators are probably the only animals native to Florida that can actually fight back against a python.” Take a look at the video below! 

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A closeup of ananaconda snake wrapped around an alligator in a pond in Pantanal, Brazil
A closeup of ananaconda snake wrapped around an alligator in a pond in Pantanal, Brazil
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