Watch a Cunning Fox Pick a Fight With the Wrong Frisky Feline

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: September 2, 2023
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If you have a frisky feline, you know that it doesn’t take much to get your pet riled up. Cats are known to be incredibly stealthy. From massive lions in the Sahara to Garfield the tabby, these creatures know how to fight a battle. 

A video online showcases what happens when a curious fox picks a frisky feline as its opponent. The two animals eye one another down. When the cat has its back facing the fox, the larger predator assumes it has the upper hand.

Close up of a red fox in a forest, UK.
Red foxes are common all across the United States.


Well, you know what happens when you assume. Within an instant, the cat flips its body around, causing the fox to fly into the air. A comment on the viral video reads:

“Cats don’t care how big you are, they will still take you on.”

The two go back and forth multiple times until we see the cat run the fox off into the bushes. 

Can a Fox Kill a Cat?

Foxes will fight, kill, and even consume cats if they are afraid of them, however, this rarely happens. It’s crucial to keep in mind that cats can defend themselves very effectively, though! This is just another reason why you may not want to declaw your cat.

 If they ever get outside, their claws can literally save their life. The fox or cat will typically run and continue on to seek for its next meal elsewhere, preventing needless fighting. Healthy mature cats are easily able to repel foxes. 

The cat will let its fur spike up and begin hissing if a fox suddenly attempts to attack it as a warning not to get any closer. Your cat has razor-sharp teeth and claws. As a result, if a fox attacks, it will be able to defend itself.

Is It Safe To Leave Cats Outside?

Pretty cat lying in green grass outdoor. The Somali cat breed is a beautiful domestic feline. They are smart, very social and they enjoy playing outside. These cute cats are ideal family pets.
Depending on where you live, leaving your cat outdoors is safer than other locations.

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The urge for a cat to explore the outdoors can be linked to its ancient ancestors. How secure is your furry buddy when left outside, whether they are ambling along a fence line, relaxing on a roof, scavenging for mice or birds, or roaming their always-growing territory? 

Should you keep your cat indoors? Even though some cats might prefer being outside, keeping cats inside is often safer. Several risks to your favorite pet, wild animals, and the general public can result from allowing cats to go outdoors. 

A lot of people are unaware of the potential risks until it is too late. Thankfully, the frisky feline in the video below had no issue showing the fox who’s the king of the jungle! 

Watch the Showdown! 

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Outdoor cat repellent
Cat repellents help keep unwelcome cat guests away from your property.
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