Watch a Curious Bear Open Car Doors and Rummage for Treasure

Written by Opal
Published: January 31, 2023
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There’s no denying that bears are curious creatures. They love to explore their surroundings and aren’t afraid to check out things that are unfamiliar to them. Being apex predators, there isn’t much that can frighten a bear.

These animals come near human territory for a number of reasons. One of the main things that can draw them near is the smell of food! A bear has an incredible sense of smell. They can smell things in a locked car up to 20 miles away.

If you live anywhere near bear territory, you may want to empty all goodies out of your vehicle… even a pack of gum! We’re guessing it was the scent of a tasty morsel that drew one bear to this parking lot in a viral Youtube clip.

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The video starts with a black bear on his hind legs as he begins to open the passenger side of a yellow truck. Now, this isn’t the first time a bear has explored a vehicle! It’s truly jaw-dropping to see how easily he learns to use the door handle and even manages to get his whole body into the truck.

American Black Bear in Yellowstone Bear World, Idaho

©DaBler / Creative Commons

Truck capacities vary quite a bit but many pickups can hold up to 2,000 pounds. While these furry creatures are large, they’re nowhere near that size! Sows, or adult female bears, weigh approximately 175 pounds. 

Boars, which are adult male bears, weigh about 400 pounds. Black bears will grow to be about three feet when they’re on all fours. When standing straight up on their hind legs, they can grow up to seven feet tall! 

Curious Cub

Eventually, the black bear hops out of the truck and sniffs the handle of the vehicle parked next to it. He must not have smelled anything intriguing, so he moves over to the other side of the yellow truck.

It’s there we see this creature make another sniff at a vehicle before casually using the door handle to get in. The people witnessing this in real life are having a ball, laughing at what we assume feels like something straight out of a movie! 

Perhaps it got bored or got a whiff of something in the distance, either way, the bear starts to walk away from the trucks. Someone wrote a silly comment on the video joking, “They’re learning! Before you know it they’ll be hot wiring and stealing cars.” 

Thankfully there wasn’t any damage done to the vehicle and the bear is safe and sound. Take a look at the footage below, followed by all of the other moments bears let their imaginations get the best of them! 

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Black bear at a garbage dump
Black bear at a garbage dump.

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