Watch a Desperate Tiger Challenge an Adult Elephant

Written by Kyle Glatz
Published: October 11, 2022
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Tigers are large, powerful cats that have no problem taking down large prey. That does not necessarily mean they can kill everything, though, and this video proves it. The video features what the videographer called a desperate tigress crouching on the side of a road.

The creature looks into a wooded field and spots two adult elephants and a calf. The calf is probably the target in the scenario. Still, no adult elephant is going to allow its baby to get taken by a tiger.

The question is, why is this tiger trying to attack a well-protected target? Tigers do not eat that often, and it could have been a while since the tiger had a meal. That would certainly make it willing to risk an encounter with an elephant to secure some food.

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The desperate tiger continues to creep toward the group of elephants, eyeing up the small calf. When the tiger gets less than 100 feet from its target, one of the adult elephants spots it. The two animals stare each other down as the tiger holds its position.

The elephant begins to charge, trumpeting at the tiger. The tiger lets out a roar and turns its tail, knowing that it doesn’t stand a chance against such overwhelming odds. The tiger is dissuaded for a moment. Then, it turns back to the elephants, keeping low to the ground and continuing to stalk the large gray beasts.

The elephant continues to make noise, possibly to warn other members of its group about the danger coming for them. The video ends with a repeat of the closest part of the encounter, leaving the viewer to wonder what happened after the camera stopped rolling.

It’s doubtful that the tiger went back to attack right away. However, desperate tigers have undertaken some incredible feats in the past. The Champawat tiger killed over 400 people. In the past, researchers believed it was injured and couldn’t hunt its prey of choice.

The tiger may have continued to stalk the elephants, though, waiting for a better opportunity to get at the calf. Even then, the tiger would have its work cut out for it. Sure, it could kill a calf with a single bite, but then it has to get the body away from a group of angry elephants. We’ll just have to wonder what became of the desperate tiger and elephant in this situation.  

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