Watch a Dozen Lions Struggle To Take Down Just One Buffalo

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: November 26, 2023

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Lion Watch
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When hunting for prey, a lot of it is by sheer luck. However, lions can almost always guarantee that there will be prey to hunt down by the waterhole. After all, all animals need to drink water to survive. Don’t miss the action at the waterhole at the top.

Africa Lion and Buffalo Sightings in Africa

The video at the top of this blog post takes us to a watering hole in Africa, where we see a lion hunt. The Incredible Wild Animals Sightings YouTube page shared this video on their channel. They regularly post videos of wild animal chases in Africa, such as those published at the top. They share a short description of what happens in the video below.

“The lions are hunting the buffaloes around the waterhole, and lions are so aggressive to attack the buffaloes, and lions are predators so powerful  that they can take down buffalo, and it’s incredible to sight this amazing wild animal.” 

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Buffalo Attack at the Waterhole

Male lion attack huge buffalo bull while riding on his back

Male lions can weigh up to 550 pounds.


At the start of the video posted at the top, we see three buffalo at the watering hole to get the hydration they so desperately need. However, their drink is quickly disrupted when a group of lions starts to chase them at full speed. 

We might think it isn’t intelligent for lions to go after three grown buffaloes. However, this is not their intent. They will strive to get one buffalo cut off from the herd. “The Cape buffalo is the largest and most common of savanna buffaloes,” according to the African Wildlife Foundation. So, just one buffalo would be difficult enough to deal with this pride of lions.

Notice how, around nine seconds, one lion gets between the buffaloes, and this scares one buffalo, and he heads in another direction. Only this is precisely what these lions want. He is now cut off from this small herd. One by one, we see lions pile up on top of this buffalo to take him down so they can eat him. At one point, it looks as if there are about 20 lions surrounding this buffalo.

Why Do Male Lions Not Hunt?

When it comes to lions, the above question is one that most people have. The majority of videos and documentaries that we see state that male lions don’t hunt. Well, that’s not entirely true. Male lions will pursue when they need to. 

However, there are roles to play in the animal kingdom, and the lion’s pride in hunting is left to the lionesses. According to PBS, “Females work together to hunt and care for the cubs, and males mark and guard the pride’s territory.” 

This is why, in many videos of lions eating, the pride will wait until the dominant male of the pride comes and enjoys eating the kill first, even if he was not involved in that particular hunt. This is a sign of respect. And imagine how lucky this pride was in the video posted above for catching prey so large. 

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