Watch a Fearless Boy Dive in and Swim With Literally Hundreds of Crocodiles

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: August 30, 2023
© Kmanoj / Creative Commons / Original
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Key Points:

  • Two categories of crocodiles, namely saltwater crocodiles and Nile crocodiles, are identified as notorious for attacking humans.
  • Not every crocodile species is dangerous to humans.
  • While it is not advised to go swimming with crocodiles, some people are fearless!

There are plenty of wildlife experiences you can pay for to enjoy wildlife up close. You can go on safari, hop on a boat to whale watch, and even swim with dolphins. What you might not think to do is swim with crocodiles.

You would especially not send your child off to swim with them while you film. But this next clip just goes to show how humans have different preferences and some are a bit more fearless than others!

Do Crocodiles Eat Humans?

There are two types of crocodiles known for preying on humans and they include saltwater crocodiles and Nile crocodiles. They’re opportunistic reptiles and their bites are bone-crushingly powerful — even more so than that of lions.

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Baby crocodiles are only 30 centimeters in length and weigh only 30 grams.


Luckily, not every crocodile species is dangerous to humans. However, anyone traveling in areas where salt crocodiles or Nile crocodiles live should be extremely careful. Crocodiles are sneaky, stalking their prey from the water. Humans may not be able to spot them before it’s much too late.

Are Baby Crocodiles Dangerous?

Saltwater crocodiles are aggressive, even those that are barely a week old. They seem to be born with a ferocious nature, displaying dangerous qualities just after hatching.

They might look cute, and their bites can’t quite kill just yet, but they are not affectionate the way humans are.

In this next clip, you watch as a young boy prepares to dive right into baby crocodile-infested waters. It’s unclear what environment this is or why the smaller crocs seem unfazed by the presence of the little human in their pool.

Animals That Lay Eggs: Crocodiles
Newborn freshwater crocodiles come equipped with sharp teeth.

©Arunee Rodloy/

The kiddo lands in the water with a splash and swims forward toward where the baby crocs are all swimming on top of one another. The boy holds his breath and puts his head underwater, swimming through the seemingly unbothered crocs.

At one point, you see the boy’s elated face up close as he floats in the water, a baby croc lounging on his bum. At that same moment, another baby croc is swimming beside his leg. The video ends abruptly and loops back to the moment when he lands in the water with a splash.

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Crocodile family including father, mother, and baby traveling on mother's back
Watch how these baby crocs react when a child enters their pool.

©Orhan Cam/

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Marsh Crocodiles basking in the sun
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