Watch A Fearless Cat Defends Child From Two Huge Gators

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: October 14, 2022
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Most animals are generally territorial. Whether it’s to protect the pack, keep predators in their place, or simply because they enjoy their own space, being territorial goes back for centuries. Cats can be protective, however, males are sometimes able to defend bigger areas than females. Territorial aggression in cats typically only affects other cats, though it can also affect people and dogs.

In several instances, a household cat named Mugsy shows off his protection skills against wild animals. While you’d normally think a cat fends off mice, squirrels, and other small rodents, Mugsy prefers showing larger animals who’s boss. 

On the shore of a bayou swamp, people enjoy a beautiful summer’s day. Thankfully, one of them started recording when this now-viral feline started getting close to the water. Out jumps a wild alligator with his jaw slung open. 

A cat does perceive an alligator as a threat when it comes into contact with it. Nevertheless, some cats choose to fight and maintain their ground instead of fleeing. They may hiss, growl, huff, or even swat an approaching alligator if it approaches too closely. 

Small animals defending themselves against alligators is unusual for them. In actuality, mammals like small dogs are more likely to flee from an alligator. In these situations, an alligator feels superior since they can see the other animal is scared, which makes them more willing to pursue and attack.

It’s not uncommon for gators to eat household pets. In fact, alligators will eat pretty much anything, including other gators! Mugsy doesn’t let this scare him and begins a starring contest with the ancient reptile. 

No Backing Down

At several points, the cat bats at the gator’s snout, which makes him put things into reverse. He starts slowly backing up into the water. Alligators use water to hide from danger because they camouflage so well. The people standing around are in awe of the cat and are even more shocked the alligator seems afraid. 

Cats are feared by alligators as well because of how rapidly they move. In the wild, animals that can move swiftly are thought to have a biological advantage. When faced with a risky circumstance, cats have a propensity for acting impulsively and quickly. 

In addition, a lot of the on-camera interactions between the cat and alligator took place on land. The speed of the cat puts the alligator at a disadvantage because they are less quick and nimble on land than they are in the water.

Just when you think Mugsy is in the clear, the unthinkable happens – a second alligator appears! If you were a betting person and the match was one little cat versus two wild alligators, who do you think would win? If you said the cat, you’re in for a treat! Check out the video below that will leave you on the edge of your seat! 

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