Watch a Fearless Kayaker Plunge Down a 50-Ft Tunnel Waterfall

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: February 5, 2023
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This is extreme kayaking at its very best. The heart-stopping footage is shared by kayaker Edward Muggridge who explains in the notes that this was a 50ft tunnel. The water had carved the path through granite and this was the only known runnable part of a steep creek. It had taken the team between two and three hours of hiking to get to this location and it looks like it was worth every step!

Kayaking Through a Tunnel Waterfall

The first thing that strikes you about the video is the noise. The sound of the roaring water is deafening and indicates the power with which the water is hurtling through this tunnel. Edward fixes himself into the bright blue kayak and is handed his paddle.

He asks a member of his team to give him a little push to get him started. They all wish him good luck and he’s off!

Kayak Over Waterfall
Extreme kayakers seek out challenging waterfalls


The kayak enters the water at a steep angle and using his paddle and the rock sides he has to turn it around so that it is facing down the waterfall. The water foams and froths around him and the sound of the water is even louder.

He spends a few seconds working his way through a narrow channel with high walls of granite on each side. You can see that the water has disappeared just ahead – there is no going back now! The kayak hurtles down the vertical drop and the camera disappears under the water. All we can see is bubbles. When it resurfaces, a few seconds later, we are at the bottom. What an adrenalin rush it must be to do this yourself.

Kayaking, Waterfalls and Animal Encounters

Extreme kayakers are attracted to big waterfalls! The sight of a person tumbling down a vertical drop accompanied by thousands of gallons of water may horrify many of us, but these guys love it! They are always up for a new challenge and love sharing their experiences on social media.

One of the top-rated waterfalls for extreme kayakers is the Spirit Falls in Cook, Washington. It’s remote and extremely scenic and stands around 30 feet high. Kayaking is also a hobby where you get some surprising animal encounters. Examples include humpback whales, cottonmouth snakes and otters!

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