Watch a Fearless Wolf Bully a Grizzly Bear and Steal His Lunch

Written by Maxwell Martinson
Updated: April 2, 2023
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We like to think of Grizzlies as “Kings of The North.” An adult Grizzly bear probably doesn’t get bothered too often, right?

Well, the “King” status changes a little bit when there are multiple wolves in the area. A Grizzly bear would likely stand its ground against a single wolf entering its area, but it’s a totally different story when there are two clever canines working as a team.

Packs of wolves have been known to chase Grizzlies out of their territories and provide fierce competition for food when they share spaces. The reintroduction of Grey Wolves to Yellowstone National Park, for example, has generated some interesting interactions between these two species of apex predators.

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The Grizzlies are more powerful, but the wolves are quicker and out-number the bear,” according to the Yellowstone Wolf Project. Bears are also very intelligent, so they take the path of least resistance whenever possible, particularly when it comes to wolves.

The video below is a perfect example of this.

moutain wolf running fast
Wolves are speedy animals that can exceed 30 MPH.

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Wolves & Bears in Alaska

Black Bear Population by State
Black bears are known for their love of Alaskan Salmon, which makes it all the more bizarre to see one give up their favorite fish without a fight.


This video takes place in Hyder, Alaska. Hyder is near the southernmost tip of the Alaskan territory pushing down along the western Canadian coast.

This sliver is one that many of us forget is actually a part of Alaska, as it runs down from the northeastern corner of the territory and encompasses the Alexander Archipelago, just above the Queen Charlotte Islands.

The territory is nestled along the western side of the Coast Mountains, or the “Coastal Range” of Canada. Mountains contain incredible diversity in terms of habitats and prey sources, making them perfect homes for apex predators like bears and wolves who require a diversity of foods.

The video in question takes place primarily along a stream tucked next to a steep incline. There are no specifics given about the location, but it holds a clear and shallow creek teeming with massive salmon.

The Encounter: What Stands Out

grey wolf
Wolves hunt in packs so that they’ll have support for encounters with dangerous creatures such as this bear.

©AB Photographie/

This creek is the perfect place for bears to feed. Bears famously love salmon, and they go to great lengths to eat it.

They’ll often hunker on the edges of rushing rivers and small waterfalls, just waiting for the next brave salmon to try and leap upstream. Then… snatch!

The bear uses its incredible reflexes to grab the fish out of mid-air. That’s not the case in this video. This is more of an all-you-can-eat buffet.

The two beautiful wolves come in and the bear just scrambles away. They follow him out of the range, come back, and start snacking.

This video is incredible for a couple of apparent reasons. For one, we seldom see interactions between bears and wolves. Further, it’s rare to see a bear back down to anything other than another bear.

Secondly, the videography and photography are incredibly clear and candid. It’s almost like the wolves had no idea the filmer was there snapping shots of them with monstrous salmon hanging from their mouths.

The wolves might just have been so pleased with the easy meal that they ignored the peaceful human standing only a few hundred yards or so away.

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Bear v Wolf
Wolves and bears will often battle over food.
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