Watch a Fisherman Leap Out of His Boat As A Huge Marlin Leaps In

Written by Katie Melynn Wood
Updated: October 18, 2023
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This video captures the moment a huge marlin jumps into a fishing boat.

I bet you’ve never seen a fish jump in a boat!

Watch the Amazing Footage Here!

Even if you’re not an avid fisher, you can probably appreciate the sheer size of this animal. These three men are deep-water fishing in a specialized boat made just for it. In the video, you can see them work together to reel in the gigantic catch.

The man sitting in the chair can swivel and holds onto the rod. As the fish struggles on the line, the man beside him helps by turning his chair to better control the fishing rod. At the back of the boat, the third man holds onto the line to help bring in the fish.

The fish, on the other hand, jumps in and out of the choppy water. It seems determined not to become part of someone’s delicious dinner. Marlin can be huge, with the females often twice as big as the males.

However, this huge marlin is around four feet long and probably weighs between 200 and 300 pounds. (The largest marlin ever caught was 1,376 pounds! It was caught in Hawaii in 1982).

Black marlin

Marlins can grow to be quite large, up to 300 pounds!

©Al McGlashan/

Suddenly, the fish leaps into the boat. While it likely wasn’t intentional, the reaction of the man standing near the fisherman’s chair was immediate. As the fish jumps right toward him, he crosses behind the chair and hops out of the boat.

Still flopping around on deck, the huge marlin seems as surprised as everyone. Because of the sheer chaos of the events, the two men pause for a split second, taking in what just happened. Then, they jump into action to help their friend back onboard.

Fisher’s prize marlin as deep-water fish. They require a lot of skill to catch. Due to their size, marlins are powerful and can put up a real fight when being reeled in. This is the perfect example of catching a marlin and getting a memorable story in the process.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Al McGlashan/

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