Watch a Florida Man Snag an Alligator Out of a Pond and Put It In His Car’s Trunk

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: May 8, 2023
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There’s a job for everyone and for the couple in the video at the bottom of the page, picking up nuisance alligators is just another day, another dollar! Watch how they capture the predatory reptile and see the tiny wildlife guide that arrived to help them out!

Do Alligators Become a Nuisance During Storms?

Alligators are accustomed to wetlands, making swampy regions their homes. It might not initially make sense that storms would cause a disruption to alligators, considering they’re comfortable in regions with high precipitation. However, when heavy storms cause flooding, alligators may get displaced, choosing more suitable homes away from the commotion associated with floods. When these large reptiles are feeling threatened, they may become not just a nuisance, but also a danger to humans living within the same regions. In their quest for a new, safer environment, they may just invade unusual areas.

What Kinds of Organizations Relocate Alligators?

When alligators become a nuisance or danger, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission offers a hotline for those who live around these regions to have access to safe trappers who can resolve any outstanding issues. Florida’s Wildest is a YouTube channel hosted by Chris and Gabby, two world travelers who have a passion for wildlife rescue, including alligators. Their channel is all about introducing you to different types of animals and educating you along the way!

Feeding alligators is illegal and extremely dangerous.
Feeding alligators is illegal and extremely dangerous.


Florida Man Expertly Snags Alligator Out of Pond

It is not legal to mess with alligators in any way, not even by feeding them. Florida’s Wildest gives a disclaimer up front letting viewers know they’re licensed to remove nuisance alligators in the state. When the video below starts, there’s an alligator thrashing about in the water. They share a clip from the chaotic moments during capture and an even shorter clip of the alligator on Gabby’s lap, subdued and enjoying a car ride. Then the video cuts to the moments leading up to when they’re riding in the car together. They explain that they’ve been called to remove an alligator from a backyard.

They’ve been told it’s about nine feet long. They use a fishing pole to try and get it and Chris explains that there’s a limpkin and several Muscovy ducks on-site, alerting everyone there’s a predator in the water. In the next scene, Chris is holding a noose and both he and Gabby are patiently waiting for the alligator to make another appearance. The tall grass is making it difficult as they try to catch it. The limpkin serves as their guide, letting them know where the alligator is. Finally, chaos ensues when Chris manages to get the noose around it, and it starts to death roll. Watch the whole experience below!

When there’s a nuisance alligator, it’s Chris and Gabby to the rescue!

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