Watch A Foolhardy Wolf Try And Steal Dinner From A Brown Bear

Written by Katie Melynn
Updated: October 10, 2022
Image Credit Warren Metcalf/
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Have you ever wondered what would happen if a wolf went up against a bear?

Thanks to this amazing footage, we now know. A hungry wolf decides that the bear needs to share his dinner. But the bear isn’t having any of it.

The wolf approaches the bear, careful to move slowly and cautiously. He is much smaller than the bear and more maneuverable. The massive bear is still clearly the dominant one in the encounter. If he’s going to get some of the food, the wolf needs to rely on his speed and sneakiness.

Even though he may be big and lumbering, the bear is still fast enough to show the wolf who is boss. As the wolf gets closer, the bear stands up and moves toward him. That’s enough to send the wolf running, although he hasn’t given up yet. He comes back, keeping behind a couple of trees and feigning disinterest. He nips at some grass and leaves, acting like he isn’t even keeping track of the kill sitting just feet away.

The bear is no dummy, however. He knows exactly what the wolf is after and keeps a watchful eye on him as the wolf gets closer and closer. The bear stays standing, ready to defend his dinner from the would-be thief.

At one point, the wolf is just a foot or two away from the kill. He knows that the bear is still watching him closely, however, and keeps walking past it without trying to take some for himself.

Never Give Up

The wolf isn’t quick to be deterred. Every time he gets a little closer to the kill. The bear lunges for him when he gets too close and the wolf runs away. He doesn’t run far, however, and always comes back.

After a minute or two, the bear begins to cover up the kill with fallen leaves and pine needles. He’s clearly getting annoyed with the wolf and probably wants to put another barrier between the wolf and the food. While the bear is distracted, the wolf gets even closer. He comes within a foot of the bear, who lunges for the wolf.

Eventually, the wolf retreats to a spot further away and lays down. The bear also lays down, right next to his kill, intent on guarding it even as he rests.

This video was taken in the Apennine Mountains, a mountain range in Italy. It shows an Apennine wolf and a Marsican bear, two species that live in the region. The Marsican Bear is a species of brown bear that is endangered. They are considered one of the most dangerous animals native to Italy. The Apennine Wolf is also known as the Italian wolf and is a national symbol of Italy. In myths, an Apennine wolf took in the infant twins Romulus and Remus, who later went on to found Rome.

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Dark grey wolf running out of the forest in winter.
Dark grey wolf running out of the forest in winter.
Warren Metcalf/
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