Watch a Free Diver Catch Octopuses Barehanded as They Try Every Trick to Escape

Written by Katie Melynn Wood
Updated: October 19, 2023
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Free diving is a fun hobby but requires some experience and know-how. In this video, a free diver goes down without oxygen to the shallow waters off Croatia to look for octopus. What he finds is an octopus that just won’t let go.

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The video begins with the diver breaking off pieces of rocks as he looks for octopus. He does note in the video’s caption that this is rock and not coral that he is digging into. Breaking coral is a crime in most places and is very harmful to the ecosystem. However, this person is breaking off pieces of rock to get to the octopus hiding underneath.

You can hear the air bubbles every time he goes down into the water. The first octopus that he finds skitters away in the water. When he goes down a second time, he finds an octopus. What he may not have expected is that the octopus wants to hang onto him as well.

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The octopus is startled and lets out a jet of black ink. This is a normal reaction to dealing with a predator. The ink is meant to startle and confuse the predator long enough for the octopus to get away. The man is able to hang onto the octopus, however.

Exploring the Ocean

The video continues as the man dives down again. This time, he encounters clams and other sea creatures. He finds another octopus and grabs it. The animal also lets out ink and tries to get away.

The man is catching an octopus to eat. In many parts of the world, octopuses are a popular seafood dish. They can be fried, similar to calamari or other fish. They are also delicious seasoned and cooked with rice and vegetables, such as in Spanish paella.

He catches at least three octopuses during the video. Not only does he need to be able to find them in the environment, but he also has to hang onto them as they try to get away. It takes considerable skill and patience but the results are tasty.

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