Watch a Gangster Goose Refuse to Be Intimidated by Bully Cows

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: December 12, 2022
© Alena Demidyuk/
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Want to see a goose with some serious attitude? This is the vid for you. It’s a very short clip but speaks volumes about the personality of this brave bird!

Goose Facing up to a Herd of Cows

This goose is perfectly happy to take on not just one but a herd of cows. This courageous bird holds their ground throughout the footage despite repeated lunges from the much bigger animals.

These cows are clearly not happy about having the goose in their field. Domestic cows are used for meat and milk production in many countries throughout the world. They are usually docile creatures and spend their time eating and digesting food. However when they are spooked, they are perfectly capable of aggression and of chasing other animals out of their field.

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There has been some speculation online that this video is not real but we will let you make your own mind up about that.

Geese in V formation
Geese fly in a V formation to take advantage of air currents created by their wings

©Volodymyr Burdiak/

Canada Geese Are Full of Character

The goose in this vid looks like a Canada goose. Whilst the Canada goose is the most common species of goose in North America, there are lots of different species of goose all over the world including Europe and Asia.

They are part of the Anatidae family and are closely related to ducks and swans. Canada geese are the largest species and they can weigh around 14 pounds and grow to 43 inches in length. They have a plump body and a long neck.

This bird appears to be on their own but geese tend to live in large groups called gaggles. You may have seen them migrating in the distinctive V formations. This shape allows the birds behind to take advantage of the air currents created by the birds ahead of them in the formation. Geese are loud birds and are very vocal. They make a range of honks and cries and when a whole gaggle is doing this at the same time it is a very impressive sound! They use this sound to interact with each other and to ward off predators. The geese even have a special victory cry that they use when they have defeated a foe. Perhaps this goose used one when they had scared off this herd of cows?

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Cow looking into camera
Domestic cows are curious about new things in their environment
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