Watch a GoPro Fall Into A Pit of Rattlesnakes and Create Nightmare Factory

Written by Opal
Published: August 29, 2022
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Fasten your seatbelts as we’re about to take a trip directly into a rattlesnake den! Because of their toxins, which can be fatal if ignored, rattlesnakes can be a major hazard to people and other creatures. These animals rarely bite, and the rattle that gives them their name serves as a clear warning to other animals to stay away.

During the winter, they gather in dens, which can be seen in the majority of naturally occurring cracks. If a rattlesnake den is not inhabited, it can be difficult to tell if it is one. In order to share body heat throughout the winter, snakes congregate in their caves. Depending on the environment and food supply near each den, different numbers of snakes can be found there.

In October 2015, Michael Delaney took a trip into the wilderness. With his GoPro camera in hand, he started recording as he was walking through the brush. From the moment the footage starts, you can hear loud rattles in the distance. 

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Delaney slowly approaches a rattlesnake den packed with dozens of these musical serpents. With the camera looking directly at the snakes, multiple of them lunge toward the camera. It’s important to keep in mind that a GoPro is a completely foreign thing to these wild creatures, thus making them strike. 

Beware of the Rattlesnake 

A snake can often strike out up to a distance of 1/3 to 1/2 of its body length. For instance, if the snake is six feet long, its strike will probably only go as far as three feet. Rattlesnakes produce noise by rattling their tails when they sense danger. This shows that they are prepared to defend themselves.

In order to create the best platform from which to strike, rattlesnakes typically coil tightly before striking. A snake that feels threatened will strike with its fangs out and ready to bite. Despite its name, rattlesnakes don’t usually ratchet their tails to warn you. The best course of action is to leave the area if a snake is seen.

Eventually, the snakes have had enough of the strange contraception in their faces, and one snake takes a final lunge toward the camera. The GoPro drops straight into the den, giving us an interesting point of view that we otherwise would never see. 

The slithering serpents continue to get up close and personal as they check out what just fell into their space. The rattling continues as they get used to the camera being there. My question is, how long did Michael have to wait before retrieving his camera? You couldn’t pay most people enough to reach into a den of rattlesnakes to grab a GoPro. What would you do in this situation? Take a look at the jumpscare-filled video below! 

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