Watch a Great White Shark Turn the Tables and Protect a Diver from Hungry Tiger Sharks

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: May 17, 2023
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Key Points:

  • This article covers a video of a diver swimming with a great white shark.
  • The diver records while predators eat the glob of whale meat.
  • There are a few different species of shark eating, however, you see a tiger shark in the footage which is known to be aggressive toward humans.

In the video at the bottom of this page, a diver recounts an insane encounter in the deep blue sea just off the Aliwal Shoal in South Africa. Using the cover of a great white shark, he discovers the power of the underwater pecking order. He manages to stay safe from hungry, aggressive tiger sharks and lives to tell the tale (and share the footage) of the extraordinary events that day.

Do Tiger Sharks Attack Humans?

Tiger Shark
Diver has a close encounter with a tiger shark.

©Tomas Kotouc/

Tiger sharks are known for their aggression toward humans with about three or four attacks occurring every year off the coasts of Hawaii. This is quite an intimidating shark, ranked as the 4th biggest shark species throughout the entire globe. It’s characterized not just by its aggressive nature, but also by the tiger-like stripes that litter its body during the juvenile stage.

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Tiger sharks are carnivores, feasting on meaty food sources like crabs, fish, squid, dolphins, and sometimes even other sharks. They can even crunch through crustaceans and sea turtles with ease, using their broad, serrated teeth. Constantly on the move, the tiger shark is in a continuous hunting state. In their relentless attempts to feed, they may even gobble up human trash, including cigarettes, boots, and license plates.

Are Great White Sharks Intelligent?

Great white sharks are the ocean's apex predators.
Great white sharks are more selective about there food than tiger sharks.


Unlike tiger sharks, great white sharks are more selective about their food sources. Whereas a tiger shark may chomp through just about anything, great whites don’t actively hunt humans. Their inquisitive natures may lead them to an unprovoked attack, but these are rare. They prefer feasting on dolphins and seals.

Great white sharks have adapted to live in environments where it’s easy for them to find prey while studying their weaknesses and using them to their advantage. They migrate as needed to ensure they have plenty of prey to sustain themselves. They conserve their energy and attack when appropriate, demonstrating their ability to strategize.

Great White Shark Protects Diver

Great White Shark with swimmer
It’s generally not a good idea to jump in the water when there’s a feeding frenzy or even a great white.

©Willyam Bradberry/

When there’s a shark feeding frenzy, common sense tells you it’s unwise to dive into the water, especially unprotected holding only a camera. However, the diver in this video thought it was worth it to capture the footage you’re about to see. In the video below, Emil explains that upon entering the water, there were several dusky sharks already trying to bite him.

The footage is terrifying, and the music adds to the suspense. At one point, he rides a shark’s fin as he continues to narrate the events of the day. To keep the whale carcass from floating away, he ties a rope to its tail to anchor it. His aim is to give the sharks a better chance to enjoy the full feast. He has to swim around great white sharks, tiger sharks, and dusky sharks to accomplish this unbelievable task.

Watch Below As He Tells The Whole Story With A Smile On His Face!

Watch this man cleverly interact with a great white shark.

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