Watch a Grizzly Chase a Herd of Wild Horses in Stunning Footage

Written by Katie Melynn Wood
Updated: July 19, 2023
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Key Points

  • The video setting is Alberta, Canada, in May of 2022. It begins with a wild horse, followed by more, galloping by.
  • A few moments later, a large grizzly bear lumbers by, revealing what the horses are running from.
  • While grizzly bears don’t normally hunt horses, they are opportunistic feeders. It’s unclear if the bear made a meal of a horse or found something else to occupy its attention at the end.

Wild horses running is a sight to behold. While that’s enough to make anyone stop and take notice, the grizzly bear that comes later is something else entirely!

While just a short clip, this video of horses being chased by a large bear has gotten plenty of attention.

Two Grizzly Bears fighting in water
Although grizzlies do not hunt horses generally, they are opportunistic feeders


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The video begins with the lead horse, dark brown with a white spot on its forehead, thundering by. An entire pack follows. Seven horses total gallop through the video. The lead horse veers left and most follow. One horse at the end veers right, probably to go around a tree or other obstacle in the way.

After a few seconds, a grizzly bear follows the herd. It lumbers by, just as fast as the horses it is chasing. Grizzly bears average between 200 and 700 pounds. On the other hand, wild horses are around 500 pounds. Both animals are large and fast, as is evident in the video.

The footage was shot in Alberta, Canada in May 2022. It was captured by a trail camera, which is set up and left to record the wildlife that goes by. In this case, the camera got some great footage of wild animals.

Horse, Animals In The Wild, Colorado, Mustang - Wild Horse, Leadership
Wild horses have been clocked at speeds up to 54 mph.


Grizzly bears do not typically go after horses as food. However, they are opportunistic feeders. In this video, the bear does not seem intent on catching the horses for its next meal. Rather, it lumbers after them almost as if it is one of the herd.

The horses do not seem to be tiring. They keep a good pace as they run past. The bear is equally fast and follows them without stopping.

The video ends as all of the animals go by. The camera is set up to shoot in just one direction and does not follow the animals to see where they eventually went. It is possible that the bear found food, either from the horses or another source. It is most likely that they eventually went their separate ways.

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You may have noticed the foal at the end of the line of running horses in the video above. The grizzly was most likely hoping to outlast the baby horse – not considering that the adult horses might come to the rescue. Horses usually depend on their superior speed to outrun predators – but they have more defenses at their command. The video below shows another fierce predator coming for a foal in another herd of wild horses – an alligator. The gator hasn’t even had a chance to go for the baby horse before an adult runs out and stomps the alligator repeatedly. The gator bites the horse’s leg – but that doesn’t stop her defense. It seems that sometimes a swift kick is a better option for a horse defending its young!

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