Watch a Group of Chimps Play Frisbee with a Raccoon

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: November 8, 2023
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Not to state the obvious, but not all wild animals treat each other with respect. The animal kingdom is full of territorial creatures that are often reactive towards others that aren’t their kind. Then there are chimps. 

These Chimps Send a Raccoon Flying!

These primates are known for being aggressive toward anything that gets in their way. If you’ve ever wanted to see just how these animals act, check out your local zoo. They’ll likely have a chimpanzee exhibit that will get you up close and personal with these critters. 

Communities are made up of any number of chimpanzees, from 15 to 150. A community’s members come and go, traveling and eating in smaller groups. Chimpanzees spend a lot of time engaging in activities that can only be defined as political inside a group. There is a dominating male in every group but he does not hold total power. 

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chimpanzees fight

Chimps are incredibly territorial.


He is dependent on the assistance of both his male and female supporters. Males with less clout may be scheming to remove the leader in the meantime. Politics at its finest: power conflicts, shifting allegiances, and takeovers!

One zoo visitor was filming the animals when a raccoon fell from a branch above the enclosure. As it fell, one of the chimps caught it and effortlessly threw it like a frisbee! It was as if the primate quickly thought, “Get out of my way!”

A Soft Landing

Thankfully, the raccoon landed without any apparent injuries. Like any smart animal would, the raccoon dashes to make an escape through a tunnel. Just as he’s about to make his way to safety, one of the chimps drags him out of the tunnel.

This, of course, garners the attention of the other primates and a crowd begins to form. “Poor thing! Let it go! Let it go!” one spectator said. You can hear some cry out in fear while others laugh at the interaction.

Chimpanzees can move swiftly from branch to branch when traveling through the forest. The majority of their trip is on foot. These apes often walk on all fours, so their long arms are helpful in this situation as well. Chimpanzees walk on their hands’ knuckles and their flat feet’s soles, just like gorillas do. They are capable of walking on two legs for short distances. 

Mysterious Gray Animals - Raccoon

Raccoons are gray animals that are also one of the ultimate scavengers of the animal world.


We can’t blame the primates for acting on their natural instincts. They may have thought the raccoon was a predator or a form of prey invading their space. One thing is for sure – they knew it didn’t belong in their community. 

Adult chimpanzees stand three to five feet tall when upright. In the wild, males and females can weigh up to 155 pounds and 110 pounds, respectively. A tad bit larger than a raccoon you could say. Luckily, the striped-tail critter made it out of there safely! 

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