Watch a Huge Tiger Check His Bath Water Like A Little Kitten

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Written by Katie Melynn Wood

Updated: October 19, 2023

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Tigers can be ferocious predators stalking through the jungle. They can also be playful cats who just want to take a bath.

This video shows a large tiger getting ready for a dip. While we may expect this big cat to jump right in and make a splash, he decides to be a bit more gentle in his approach. The tiger daintily puts a paw into the water, testing it out. Putting one massive paw in the water, he holds himself up with the other on the side of the metal pool.

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He goes back and forth a few times, considering how he is going to get into the pool. He swats at the water and a little bit falls out of the side of the pool.

“What are you doing?” asks his keeper. She laughs as the tiger continues to tiptoe into the pool.

Is the water to his liking? It must be because he climbs in until all four paws and the lower half of his body are submerged in the pool.

Enrichment for Animals

This tiger lives in captivity. While the video does not state exactly where he is located, it shows multiple enrichment objects in his enclosure, including the pool that is captivating him in this footage. Other items in the background show places for him to climb and explore, such as large rubber tires and tubes.

In the wild, tigers also look for ponds and small lakes to cool off. They live in warm and cold climates. In warmer climates and seasons, they often rely on bodies of water not just for drinking but for staying cool as well.

This video also shows the sheer size of most tigers. They can get up to 10 feet long. This tiger looks massive next to the metal pool because he is! Just one look at his paws would be enough to send most animals running for cover in their native environment. Tigers are carnivores and skilled hunters.

Other big cats, including lions and leopards, also like water. It is not uncommon to see these fearsome predators cooling off in a watering hole just like any other animal. It is also not uncommon to see other animals give them plenty of space, especially when they look like they might be in the mood for a post-swim snack.

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