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Watch a Killer Whale Launch a Helpless Seal Into the Air Like a Rocketship

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: March 22, 2023
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Predatory animals use a variety of hunting techniques. Some stalk their prey with great stealth and then lunge, others hang around in trees waiting for an unsuspecting animal to wander underneath and then leap down. Others, use their superior speed and stamina to chase animals either on land or in the water. But in this staggering vid, we see a unique yet highly effective approach. It is adopted by the magnificent killer whales (orca) and it was captured near British Columbia, the most western province in Canada.

Whale pod breaches
Orcas need around 300 pounds of food a day

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Orca Hunting Near the Canadian Coast

killer whales swimming side by side
Orcas have evolved many specialized methods of hunting over millions of years.


Against a soundtrack of dramatic music, the footage starts with stunning aerial footage of three or four orcas in this beautiful environment with thousands of sea birds soaring above them and in the water. But the orca are not here for the birds, they have a larger target in mind.

Suddenly, one of the orcas breaches the surface and we get a glimpse of its powerful tail fin before it crashes back down into the waves accompanied by hollers from the human on-lookers. When you first watch this, it is not easy to spot why the whale has done this but the second attempt reveals all.

The close-up footage shows the whale flick its strong tail and launch the seal dozens of feet into the air. It really is the most incredible sight. Being hit into the air with such force and landing on the water from such a height is likely to stun the seal – making it easy for the orca to eat.

Nutrition and Seal Meat

killer whale
Orcas have earned the nickname “Killer Whales” because they are apex predators and can kill almost any prey in their habitat.

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Orcas are magnificent animals living in oceans and coastal waters in locations all over the world. They are large mammals, reaching up to 15,000 pounds in weight. They need as much as 300 pounds of food a day to thrive. Orcas are carnivores and apex predators but their diet varies by location. They can eat fish (salmon is a favorite), sea lions, and even other whales such as the grey whale. Seals are an excellent source of nutrition for many animals including killer whales as they provide a wide range of polyunsaturated fatty acids, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. And when you have skills like this to catch them, why wouldn’t you make them part of your diet? It’s time for lift-off!

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Orcas are one of the most fascinating species of whales, as well as some of nature’s most menacing predators. They have been caught on camera chasing after boats, working together to drown seals, and even terrorizing dogs that happen to be swimming nearby.

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Seals are a tasty meal for killer whales.
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