Watch A Leopard Come Out Of NOWHERE And Attack A Cyclist

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: July 22, 2022
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Animal assaults are rather prevalent in forest areas of India. A recent video of a leopard charging a guy on a bicycle has gone popular online. The footage was taken in Kaziranga, Assam, and was captured by a government-installed CCTV system.

The biker was riding calmly on the National Highway in Kaziranga when the cat appeared from the trees and pounced on him, according to the widely circulated film. The leopard may have mistaken the approaching rider for prey, charging straight at him and pushing him off his bike with its left hip. 

Quickly, the biker collides with the road and, startled by the onslaught, rapidly rises. After sneaking up on the rider, the leopard dashes back to the bush. The big feline escaped into the jungle as the biker lost his footing and fell off his bike. 

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Male Indian leopard walking through a forest
Leopard attacks on humans are increasing in India due to dwindling prey and habitat destruction.

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After seeing the incident, other bikes and automobiles driving by temporarily came to a halt, but the guy appeared unharmed. He hurriedly turned his bike around and started pedaling back, visibly startled by the incident and peering over his shoulder.

Interactions between humans and leopards have risen over the years, with many reports of huge cats attacking humans garnering headlines. Leopards have strayed into human settlements due to dwindling prey populations and habitat destruction, causing conflict.

Leopards are, indeed, extremely dangerous creatures, even to people. When it comes to guarding their cubs, habitat, or food, they are especially deadly and violent. Furthermore, be wary of leopards who are hurt, as they are more dangerous. These cats are responsible for 15 human fatalities every year on average.

Leopard assaults are more common than other animal attacks in India. Big cats are said to be the cause of 31 out of 65 man-wildlife incidents, according to a report. 

Another well-publicized leopard assault occurred in Mexico City. A zookeeper was assaulted by a leopard. However, because of the intervention of another well-known predator, a tiger, the latter escaped the attack. 

One issue with leopard assaults is that the prey, including humans, are unable to outrun them. In this circumstance, the majority of individuals are killed or severely injured.

Fortunately, the rider did not become a leopard’s lunch that day, but park officials are advising everyone using the route not to halt their automobiles or bikes since there are many wild creatures that cross it.

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