Watch a Lion Get Launched Into the Air Like a Ragdoll By Herd of Angry Buffalo

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Written by Ryan Fisher

Updated: November 10, 2023

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buffalo herd vs lion Haeussler

Have you heard the phrase “when pigs fly?” Well, today you will be saying “When lions fly!” Watch the video below which shows a lion getting hurled into the air by a herd of powerful buffalo. 

The clip starts by showing a huge herd of buffalo, standing in a compact group that resembles an impenetrable wall. We can see that the herd is in a meadow that is speckled with dainty flowers. The landscape is picturesque and vast! 

Suddenly, almost without warning, a lion can be seen hurled in the air, presumably by one of the buffaloes in the herd. As the lion cascades through the air, it flails its arms and legs, going higher and higher. Just as fast as the lion flew up, it plummets back down into the herd, unable to be seen. 

A second cut is then shown, depicting the same buffalo herd in the meadow. Once again, after a few seconds of undisturbed silence, a lion is flung into the air with incredible force. The lion flies even higher in the air, making a few full spins before landing back in the herd.

Do Buffalo Fight Lions? 

buffalo herd vs lion

Rather than fighting for no reason, buffalo tend to get aggressive as a form of defense.

Buffalo are fairly aggressive animals that can have a pretty big mean streak. Rather than fighting for no reason, buffalo tend to get aggressive as a form of defense. If they are being threatened, or a predator is near their territory, they will not be afraid to fight back with whatever means are necessary. 

In many cases, this can look like charging and kicking, which are two common defense tactics. Since they are extremely muscular animals, a simple kick alone can do quite a lot of damage. For example, there have been recorded cases of adult and young buffalo fighting off large predators such as lions

Buffalo can be especially aggressive if they are in herds, such as the group shown in the video below. Buffalo herds will commonly launch counterattacks against aggressive lions, especially if they are hunting on their own. 

Male lion attacking a buffalo in a desert grassland

Buffalo will only fight lions if they are actively being a threat.

To sum up, although buffalo are not looking for a fight, their aggressive nature often causes them to fight against attacking animals such as lions. 

Why Do Lions Hunt for Such Large Prey? 

Lion Buffalo Attack

Lions tend to hunt in large prides, which can allow them to have strength in numbers.

When you see videos such as the one lower on the page, you may ask yourself a few questions. One common question people ask is: “Why are lions so invested in hunting large prey which could easily hurt them?” Logically, that is a great question, and there are a few possible explanations to answer it. 

First of all, if a lion successfully hunts a larger prey animal, it will gain a greater benefit as compared to hunting a small animal. Since lions have sharp teeth, claws, and powerful jaws, they also have a better chance of hunting larger prey. 

Additionally, lions tend to hunt in large prides, which can allow them to have strength in numbers. Together, both factors increase the chance of lions successfully capturing prey. Additionally, they increase the benefit of prey caught in the end run! 

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