Watch a Majestic Eagle Turn Into a Heat-Seeking Missile and Snag a Juicy Fish

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: March 23, 2023
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The combination of power and elegance displayed by this eagle is breathtaking. As soon as the eagle spots a fish in the water the action is slowed down so that we can truly appreciate just how magnificent this bird of prey is. It’s a video that you will want to watch over again – even if you do feel a bit sorry for the fish!

The Elegance and Strength of an Eagle Hunting

Largest Eagles in the World: American Bald Eagle
Eagles have incredible eyesight – up to eight times better than a human’s

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The eagle spots a fish in the water below and starts the descent. Its feet are outstretched towards the water, whilst its wings are used to slow it down and reach the surface at exactly the right speed and in exactly the right place. Then, it bends its body slightly back to position its talons directly above the fish. With breathtaking accuracy, it grasps the fish which thrashes around but there is no escape. Now that the prey has been secured, the eagle has another challenge. It has to be able to fly away without letting go of the fish and that is not easy. It needs enough power to rise above the water from an almost stationary position whilst carrying extra weight. However, it has powerful enough wings to accelerate back across the river and to the shore where it can enjoy the meal!

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Eagles Are Magnificent Birds of Prey

bald eagle in flight
Bald eagles are expert fishermen – knowing the perfect time to strike.


Eagles have many attributes that make them excellent hunters and apex predators in a range of different habitats. They have an exceptional vision – one of the best of all creatures. This is because their eyes have adapted to give them the best chance of spotting prey on the ground whilst they are soaring in the air. Their pupils are huge and they have a dense arrangement of light-detecting cells in their retinas. Also, the shape of the small pit at the back of the eye (the fovea) allows them to have an especially sharp central vision.

Some eagles can see eight times better than a human – they can see prey that is two miles away! As well as hunting fish they will also seek out waterfowl, mammals, and snakes. They are opportunistic hunters and will look for food from their high vantage points before swooping down at great speed. They prefer live prey and from the way this fish is wriggling, that is exactly what this eagle got!

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bald eagle in flight
Bald eagles are large flying birds and fierce predators.

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