Watch a Mako Shark Attack a Boat in the Open Ocean

Written by Alan Lemus
Updated: October 9, 2022
© Martin Prochazkacz/
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In a rare opportunity, Teeny and Damo Dwyer captured a beautiful moment of a giant Mako shark that hit their shiny propeller. When this incident happened, the two were cruising out of Dampier, Western Australia.

The video shows the angry shark returning to attack the boat after Teeny and Damo stopped their vessel. They are seen planting bait, and the shark tries to clamp down its massive jaws around it.

The Makos shark can be aggressive sometimes, especially when they see their prey. The aggressiveness helps the shark catch and kill the target. In addition, they have a strong bite force. According to research, one tooth tip of a two-meter Dusky shark exerts 60 kgs of pressure. Thus, it is capable of shredding and slicing anything it grabs.

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Among all living animals, the Mako shark’s bite force ranks second. In most cases, these sharks are not aggressive towards humans unless provoked.

There have been reports of Short Mako Shark attacks, but most result from human provocation. While some of these attacks have been fatal, most were caused by people trying to hook the shark with bait, as seen in the video.

You can always tell when Mako is attacking. It swims toward its prey in a figure-eight pattern with its mouth open.

What Do You Do When a Shark Attacks You

As mentioned, it is uncommon for sharks to attack humans unless they are provoked. When the attack happens, it can result in severe injuries. The best way to avoid shark attacks is to keep off their habitats. But when you have an encounter with a shark, here’s what to do:

#1: Maintain Eye Contact

Sharks can use several attack mechanisms. For example, they may decide to:

  • Swim up and charge
  • Give a surprise attack by sneaking up from behind
  • Circulate for a bit before lunging

To succeed in defending yourself against the shark, you must keep watch to know where it is as you plan your escape.

#2: Remain Calm

On spotting the shark, don’t start shouting or screaming. There is a higher likelihood that the shark will swim off without harming you. The only way to survive a shark attack is to maintain your calm and figure out how you’ll get to safety.

If you plan to get out of the water, don’t forget the following:

  • Swim slowly towards the boat or shore without thrashing your arms
  • Ensure you’re not blocking the shark’s path
  • Keep your eyes on the shark at all times

#3: Find a Defensive Position

In situations where you can’t get out of the water, ensure you decrease all the angles the shark could use to attack. For example, keep your feet on the ground when in shallow waters. Next, back up against a solid obstruction like a rock outcropping. If you maintain this position, you won’t have to worry about the shark circling behind you.

Mako Sharks are beautiful creatures. But the high demand for shark fin soup has led to their overharvesting, decreasing their population exponentially.

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The Longfin mako shark has an impressively pointed snout with very sharp and long teeth that protrude from their mouths.
The Longfin mako shark has an impressively pointed snout with very sharp and long teeth that protrude from their mouths.
© Martin Prochazkacz/

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