Watch a Man Boldly Feed 10,000 Baby Crocodiles Their Fresh Meat

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: December 4, 2023

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Crocodile, Lots of Crocodiles in Thailand
© Xin Mu/

There are few things more adorable in life than feeding animals. Whether it is feeding your dog and seeing him wag his happy tail, taking your child to a petting zoo and seeing the excitement on their face as the goats lick their hands to eat their food, or maybe it is in sprinkling the food in your fish tank and watching them swarm to the top to get first dibs. 

However, we’re not sure we could add feeding 10,000 baby crocodiles to this list! Well, maybe you could, and that’s why this is the video for you. Don’t miss it just above.

Crocodile Sighting in Thailand

The short YouTube clip at the top of this blog post takes us to Thailand, where we see this man not feeding his adorable kittens but rather feeding a hoard of 10,000 baby crocs! USA Today re-shared this video on their platform, which has already received more than two million likes.

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Farmer Feeding Crocodiles

Panya Siangjong of Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, is a farmer who has a dangerous job feeding 10,000 hungry crocodiles. This video was filmed by a friend who seemed to need to get it on video. As if family friends did not believe that “hey, this is what I do for a living.” 

As the video starts, we see a pool of water with a shallow center where you can walk across. The farmer walks straight across as if there was no care in the world that he was wading through crocodile-infested waters. In tow, he has a huge bucket that is dripping with meat. 

The crocodiles eagerly follow him to wherever he stops. Suddenly, the farm dumps the entire bucket out. Now, he has the difficult task of returning to the other side. He gently pushes them to the wide with his long stick and walks straight through. 

While the crocodiles feed on that side, he then lays meat out all along the center path so all crocodiles can eat. At the end of the video, the man throws meat into the adult crocodile section! 

How Often Do Crocodiles Eat?

Crocodiles eating Zebra in Mara River

Crocodiles love to eat zebras crossing the river.

©Robert Styppa/

While we see in comments that this farmer feeds crocodiles every day, it’s not true that crocodiles must be fed daily. In the wild, crocodiles can eat anywhere from 3-10 days. You may have even heard the crazy rumor that crocodiles can go a whole year without eating, which is true! They can store the food they eat, enabling them to go an entire year if necessary. 

Carnivores will eat fish, deer, antelope, buffalo, and crustaceans. The National Park Service adds that they will also eat pretty much anything living. As we can see from the video above, these crocodiles didn’t care what was in that bucket; they just wanted to eat!

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