Watch A Man Capture An Invasive Lizard That Was Terrorizing His Pet Turtles

Argentine Black and White Tegu
© Nelson Donizeti/

Written by Kirstin Harrington

Updated: October 23, 2023

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Large reptiles called tegu lizards are frequently kept as pets. The males of this species of lizard can reach lengths of up to 4.5 feet. They have huge, thick heads and what appear to be “chubby” necks with fat deposits. Although they typically move on all fours, when challenged, they can run on their back two feet to appear more powerful. 

Watch The Entire Footage In The Video Below. 

A tegu bite is not something to take lightly. Tegu adults have short, robust, and heavily muscled skulls. Interestingly, the force of their bite is greater than that of a dwarf caiman. A bite from their upper jaws could necessitate sutures due to their sharp teeth

Tegus are omnivores, meaning they will consume both plants and animals in their diet. They will eat a wide variety of foods because they are not picky eaters. Juvenile animals primarily consume fruits, berries, seeds, arachnids, snails, and bugs. 

In it, the young man mentions that something has been attacking his red-foot tortoises. So, he set up traps and waited to see what the culprit was. 

Argentine Black and White Tegu
A bite from the tegu could result in serious damage due to their sharp teeth.

©Nelson Donizeti/

They will consume more eggs, birds, and even small animals as they grow larger. This animal stole the spotlight when popular YouTube personality Jacob Feder uploaded a video centered around a wild tegu lizard

An Unfortunate Incident

Feder has multiple cages set up in his yard that hold his precious reptiles. He started to notice tears and holes in the screens on the cages. This happened roughly one year after two of his turtles showed up dead.

He takes us around his property to other enclosures and finds many of them undisturbed. Eventually, he finds a giant toad in one of the preset traps but alas, this toad isn’t the one causing so much havoc. 

Argentine Black and White Tegu in Rio Claro, Brazil
An Argentine black and white tegu in Rio Claro, Brazil.

©Daniel Lamborn/

Feder starts getting excited when he spots a black and white tegu in a trap. It’s very likely that this animal is someone’s pet. The animal is taken out of the trap and Feder teaches his viewers about the animal. 

A comment on the video with over 10 million views states: “I’m fascinated with the way you handle the animals. No fear and complete control. And I don’t see the animals moving much so I’m pretty sure they’re not under any stress.” 

Jacob received a lot of criticism for the way he held the lizard. Others couldn’t help but praise him. Another comment reads, “I am a HUGE animal lover, every single animal is amazing, and I really respect people who treat reptiles like they aren’t scary evil things because so many people do.”

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