Watch a Man Put a Live Snake in His Wall and Instantly Solve His Mouse Problem

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: January 24, 2023
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Extermination services delivered serpent-style! This is the most inventive method of controlling rodents we have ever seen. Watch how this clever householder uses a snake to remove a mouse infestation in a cavity wall.

House Mice Infestations

House mice are a common, if annoying, part of life. They are usually grey with cream colored bellies but exact coloration can vary depending with what type of mouse they are. House mice are typically between 2.5 and 3.75 inches long but they also have a tail that is usually between 2.75 to 4 inches long. 

A small house mice problem can soon become a big problem because, in common with other rodents, they breed so rapidly! Each female can produce 12 babies at a time and this can be repeated every three weeks! Before you know it, you can be overrun!

Most people want to get rid of house mice. This can be because people simply do not like the thought of them living so close. However, mice can also damage appliances and furniture, pinch food and gnaw through cables. They can also carry pathogens that they can transfer to food surfaces and food itself and this presents a risk to health. So, removing them is always the best idea.

House mice can carry pathogens and chew cables

Ways to get rid of house mice

Most methods to remove house mice do not involve a snake! In this video, the householder has cut a small square in a hollow wall and feeds the snake in. The next thing we see is the mice fleeing out through the hole and being caught in a plastic bucket! They are helped in by a broom and a piece of cardboard.

More conventional methods include traps. Here you entice the mouse with something that they find irresistible – chocolate and peanut butter work well. Then, the mouse is either killed instantaneously or is trapped so that it can be released elsewhere.

Another method is to use poison. You can set up bait stations using meal or pellets containing poison in sealed packets made out of paper or cellophane. The idea is that the mice can rip them open easily and eat the poison which kills them. However, some US States have laws regarding the use of rodenticides so you need to check these. You also have to be very careful that they cannot be accessed by children or pets.

No all this guy has to do is catch his snake!

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