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Watch a Man Ride a Crocodile Like a Horse… and Instantly Regret It

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: March 24, 2023
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Some animals are willing to be ridden. Years and years of breeding and training have made this animal tolerate having a human on their back. But there are other animals that are never going to be happy about having a human straddle them. Now, we all know that crocodiles are one of them but the man in this clip didn’t seem to understand this. And what happened next is both shocking and predictable!

Crocodile Riding Is Not a Thing!

Let’s be clear. Crocodiles are not trained or domesticated animals. Animals such as dogs, cats, cattle and some horses have been bred for thousands of years to behave in a way that humans want. Crocodiles have not done this. Whilst some crocs may appear to tolerate humans near them, that does not mean that you can rely on them to behave in a certain way. They are unpredictable and what we see here is a perfect example of that.

It appears that this man has become complacent and thinks that he knows how these crocodiles will react. The fact that he has climbed into their enclosure and is walking confidently around with only a stick to defend himself illustrates this.

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Crocodile with open mouth
Crocodiles can turn and attack with lightening speed.

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He then straddles the reptile and sits on its back and even slaps the croc on the side of the neck! This is an extraordinary risk to take with a deadly animal.

He is so intent on talking to the gathered crowd that he fails to spot a second croc moving towards him. Perhaps this second croc has interpreted his actions as a threat to their fellow croc? Perhaps it is just curious? Either way, the man swings his stick at it and gets a warning snap in return. This is enough to make him leap off the first croc and stand within striking distance. This is his big mistake.

Crocodile Jaws and Speed

With lightning speed, the croc twists its head and takes a bit bite of his thigh. He manages to retreat to the other end of the enclosure and is clearly in pain. However, he is very lucky that the crocs do not follow him.

Crocodiles live in warm, temperate, tropical climates.

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Crocodiles evolved more than 100 million years ago and have changed very little since then. They live in warm, temperate tropical climates and are apex predators. It is not easy to quantify exactly how many crocodile attacks on humans take place each year because many are unrecorded. However, between 1971 and 2004 there were 62 in northern Australia. Bearing in mind that crocs are fast, have a strong biting force and sharp teeth, is it really wise to behave like this around them?

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Crocodile with Open Mouth
Crocodiles are apex predators.
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