Watch a Man Take a Casual Stroll with a Shark Like It’s His Loyal Pet

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: June 1, 2023
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When most people are in the ocean, the last thing they want is to encounter a shark. It seems like every month there’s a new Hollywood movie about the terrifying aquatic creatures. Although cinema sensationalizes these animals, sharks are quite timid unless provoked.

A recent Youtube Short shows just how friendly these animals can be. A man seemingly named Josh is seen in the video walking in the water as a camera films him from the side. It seems as if Josh is taking a casual stroll next to a shark.

Although it’s hard to tell, our best guess is that this is a nurse shark! Many people can fear these animals for good reason. Yet nurse sharks are mellow and generally unthreatening. Because of this, a lot of snorkelers and divers travel to the Bahamas to go shark swimming. 

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The nurse sharks that frequent marinas are fed by the neighborhood fishermen. 

Are Nurse Sharks Friendly Towards Humans?

Numerous shark species can be amiable to people, despite their intimidating appearance. Most sharks won’t actually attack people until provoked, and some may even allow people to interact with them. 

Among the most approachable shark species, whale sharks are certainly among the friendliest. Baby whale sharks have been observed interacting with people, and they are frequently spotted giving drivers rides on their backs.

Whale shark
Whale sharks are among the largest animals on the planet.

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Sharks don’t necessarily like people. In fact, they see us in the same way they do other aquatic creatures. Sharks are very intelligent, yet there hasn’t been any conclusive evidence that they enjoy people. They don’t view humans as an immediate threat or a source of food, but they also don’t prefer us. 

One may have observed divers getting close to and even stroking sharks, giving the impression that they are friendly to people. They just don’t perceive any threat from us, thus they have no incentive to defend themselves against people.

Why Do Sharks Attack People?

Sharks who are perplexed or intrigued have been recorded to attack humans. A shark might try to inspect if it notices a person swimming in the water, which could result in an unintentional attack. 

If you’ve seen any of the popular shark movies, the animal seems to have a vendetta against the main character. In reality, these animals will not seek people out. However, humans are a greater threat to sharks than they are to us.

Additionally, a shark may bite as a means of self-defense in specific cases. Sharks are untamed creatures that deserve respect, even though they aren’t the mindless killers that people often portray them as.

Watch the Unlikely Friendship


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