Watch a Massive Bear Bully His Colleague and Steal His Lunch

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: February 3, 2023
© Kostich
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Filmed in the stunning Katmai National Park in Alaska, this shows an audacious crime taking place in broad daylight. It features two brown bears and a few fish – the ownership of which is hotly disputed!

Bears Battling Over Fish

The video notes reveal quite a lot about what is going on here. The victim of the robbery is Otis, a brown bear who has just returned to this area called Brooks Falls which has a stunning river where water gushes over rocks. This is perfect fishing territory for bears because the fish have no choice but to leap up waterfalls and negotiate shallow water. Otis (also known as bear 480) has had some success fishing. He has spotted a fish but simply stares at it. Perhaps he is waiting for the opportune moment to strike? However, he never gets to do that because another bear comes bounding across the water and snatches the fish. This second bear, dubbed the ‘Pirate Bear’ in the video notes, does not hesitate to secure the fish in his huge paws, lift it to his mouth and take a huge bite! Leaving poor Otis to scan the water for another fish. But there is worse to come!

In the next few sequences, we see Pirate Bears steal more fish from Otis who seems incapable of standing up for himself. At one point, Otis has a fish in his mouth but it falls out as he growls a warning towards the approaching Pirate Bear. The fish falls out and Pirate Bear eats it!

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Finally, Pirate Bear literally steals a bear from a rock – right under the nose of Otis. The final score is Otis – 0, Pirate Bear – 3.

black bear swimming
Brown bears are skilled at catching fish

©Volodymyr Burdiak/

Fish in Bears’ Diet

These are both American brown bears and fish is a very important part of their diet. When available, fish is a plentiful and easily accessible source of animal protein so these bear with access to a lot of fish tend to be larger.

Bears are omnivores and are able to survive on a diet that is mainly plant material. They eat roots, leaves, berries and fruits. Although, they will also catch rodents and larger animals if they have to. Brown bears are highly intelligent and have individual personalities. That is very obvious from this clip!

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Brown bear eating a pink salmon
Brown bear eating a pink salmon in Brooks River, Alaska.
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