Watch a Massive Ship Be Tossed by the Power of the Ocean like a Rubber Duck in a Tub

Written by Zeek Lepakko
Updated: October 20, 2023
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The looks of the mighty seas can be deceiving – although the waters might not look choppy, a little wind and waves can tumble a massive freighter. In the clip below, we get to see just how true that statement really is! Although a brief shot, it’s more than enough to see how calm the ocean appears. Then, it’s impossible to not notice how violently the ship itself is tilting from side to side. Although, in what must be a terrible time for the sailors, we can see how hard they’re struggling to simply stand up straight!

Hang On Tight and Check It Out

Just so you know, these brave fellows are part of a merchant navy. Crewmen like we see here help commerce across the globe while traveling through risky situations all the time. Let’s take a moment to thank them, then put on a life jacket and delve further into the beauty and danger the ocean brings with it!

How Strong Are Ocean Waves?

sea wave in atlantic ocean during storm

The largest recorded wave occurred near Alaska in 1958, and was about 1,720 feet tall.

©andrejs polivanovs/

Oh, ocean waves. Some may think they’re just there for surfing selfies or to make beach day a splash, but please don’t underestimate their power – those seemingly innocent ripples can pack a punch. On a calm day, waves may just be a few feet high, perfect for some light surfing or paddleboarding. But when any kind of inclement weather hits, waves can skyrocket to heights of 30 feet or more. Not so perfect anymore!

Also, keep in mind that it’s not just about height, it’s about the sheer energy that waves can carry. In scientific terms, the energy of a wave is proportional to the square of its height. In other words, a wave that’s twice as high has four times the energy! That’s why even the most seasoned surfers think twice before riding a monster wave, and why ships out at sea batten down the hatches when waves start to swell, kinda like in the below video.

How Deep is the Ocean?

Since the ocean is vast and has an extremely varied landscape, it’s difficult to answer that exactly. However, thanks to modern science, current estimates have been made that the average depth of the ocean is around 12,000 feet deep. As far as the very deepest place in the ocean, a place known as Challenger Deep, was measured at being 35,876 feet deep. For comparison, Mount Everest ranks as the tallest mountain at 29,032 feet tall – that makes the Deep thousands of feet deeper than Everest is tall. Talk about a steep drop!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Henry__Spencer / CC BY 2.0 – License / Original

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