Watch A Mega Shark Leap To Eat a Sailfish, Then Come Back For More

Written by Janet F. Murray
Updated: November 11, 2022
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Key Points

  • This article covers a video of a mako shark hunting a sailfish.
  • Mako sharks – like sailfish – are known for their speed.
  • This aquatic hunter has been known to take down sailfish, dolphins, sea turtles, and even other sharks.

Mega sharks are large and dangerous predators in oceans worldwide. In this footage, we see a large mako shark hunting a sailfish. However, as the mega shark zeroes in on the sailfish, you realize its target isn’t that easy to catch because the sailfish is fast and agile.

But despite being difficult to pin down, the mako shark continues its efforts, using its speed and strength to its advantage.

So, now, you can watch a mako shark leap to eat a Sailfish, then come back for more, instead of just reading about it.

Fastest Sea Animal: Sailfish
Sailfish are swift and agile, successfully hunting their prey in groups. But, sailfish also have predators, like the Mega shark in this story.

It Starts With an Interview

In this YouTube video, you first see how the cameraman is interviewing a fisherman. He is enthusiastically recounting the exciting event that they just witnessed. He describes how the mako shark leaped out of the water and caught the sailfish mid-air. The other fishermen can be heard in the background, adding their agreement.

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Then, the video cuts to footage of the event. We see the fisherman reeling in a sailfish with his line and hook. Suddenly, a mako shark launches out of the water and catches the sailfish in its mouth, despite its target still having the hook in its mouth. However, the fisherman still tries to reel in the Sailfish, but the mako shark thrashes about, trying to make the most of its catch.

Mako sharks – like sailfish – are known for their speed. However, they can also grow quite large. The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) records the largest official mako shark that’s been caught at 1,221 pounds. Unofficially, even larger mako sharks have been caught.

The Longfin Mako shark is a very large species of shark that can grow to around 14 feet.
The Longfin Mako shark is a very large species of shark that can grow to around 14 feet.

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Failure Motivates Success

Then the video cuts back to the fisherman, who is now talking about how the mako shark came back for more. He describes how the shark breached the water’s surface a second time, trying to snatch the Sailfish away from him. However, the fisherman managed to hold on and reel in the fish.

Already half-mangled, the fisherman pulls the Sailfish close to the boat. But that’s not the end of the shark’s interest. The fisherman’s presence does not deter this predator for a moment. Instead, it sidles up to the side of the boat, going after the fish again. The fisherman must pull the sailfish away from the side of the craft to keep the mako from getting it.

Do Mako Sharks Normally Eat Sailfish?

While this footage is exciting and rare, meals like this for a mako shark are actually a fairly common occurrence. The natural habitats of sailfish and mako sharks overlap in the western Atlantic ocean. The two predators pursue much of the same prey in those waters, bony fish like mackerel and tuna.

However, the mako shark is powerful and hungry enough to, sometimes, attack and consume larger sea creatures. This aquatic hunter has been known to take down sailfish, dolphins, sea turtles, and even other sharks.

Relentless Predation

The shark continues with its relentless predation, tugging at the hooked sailfish, thrashing from side to side with the fish in its jaws. Next, the video switches to footage of the fishermen’s reactions to the event. They are excited and amazed by what they have just seen. One of the fishermen is heard saying it was the most amazing thing he has ever witnessed.

The same fisherman then takes the leftover pieces of Sailfish and casts them back into the sea to see the shark’s reaction. The mako shark does not disappoint. Again, it leaps out of the water to snatch the pieces of fish in its mouth.

The video ends with the fishermen laughing and talking about their fantastic experience.

A Thrill a Second

This video is sure to amaze and thrill viewers as it reveals a rare glimpse into the world of the mako shark. Makos are phenomenal predators, and this video gives us a front-row seat to their hunting prowess.

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Jumping Great White Shark.
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