Watch a Mother Nearly Have a Heart Attack When a Lion Tries Snatching Her Baby

Written by Hannah Crawford
Updated: October 25, 2023
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Mommy, can I pet the doggy? What about the bunny? Mommy, can I pet the lion? Wait, hold up, that phrase doesn’t belong there. Well, for this wild video, it wasn’t the child that wanted to pet the lion, but rather the lion that wanted to pet the child. 

Pet Lion As Seen on TV

Our next YouTube video, posted at the bottom of this blog post, shows a wild video between a lion and a human child. This video was posted by the Inside Edition YouTube channel. This page is dedicated to providing a variety of different news that streams 24\7 according to their page. They have, to date, received over 22 billion views across all of the videos that they share. Below, we find their description of what happened in this video. 

“The mighty jungle made its way into a television station. Watch this horrifying video of a lion cub pouncing on a baby. You can hear her scream in terror.  The incident happened during a taping of the former Mexican program called ‘Con Sello de Mujer in 2007.’ The video has resurfaced online and is being seen by millions.  The cub’s trainers eventually pulled the animal off the child as they all sighed in relief.”

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Lion Vs. Human Child

At the start of this video, we are seeing a recording of a previously air-lived video that took place in 2007. Two lion trainers have a lion at their feet. This lion is in a collar and has a leash on the end. Beside them is a mother with a small child in her lap, and a host that has a microphone at the end.

As the trainers are talking to the audience about the lion, suddenly and without warning, the lion reaches out, grabs hold of the child, and pulls her closer in! Watch the replay happen at 18 seconds. We see these enormous paws just covering the child’s leg and drawing her in so this lioness can bite her. 

We see the mom leap up and try to pull her child back and let out a scream. At 13 seconds, we see one of the lion trainers look to the mom and give her instructions not to do that. They know the best way to de-escalate the situation. And they did without any further harm coming to the child.  

How Big Are a Lions Claws?

Lion (Panthera leo) from the front

Lions can run up to 50 miles per hour.

©R. Maximiliane/

As we can see from the video posted below, this lion’s paws covered this child’s leg. It puts into perspective for us to see how large these felines are. In many ways, the lion’s claws are similar to that of cats, just a lot bigger!

Their claws can grow up to 38 millimeters (1.50 inches) in length. Their claws are made up of keratin, which is what our nails are. Lions keep them sharp at all times, ready to use at any moment. Now we can imagine why this mother was so scared for her child. 

Check Out the Incredible Video Below!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Holly S Cannon/

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