Watch a Pack of Loyal Dogs Put a Mountain Lion in Its Place

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: March 24, 2023
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Mountain lions are incredibly intimidating, especially if you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have support. They’re huge cats and they don’t hesitate to pounce. However, in this case, this mountain lion is in a situation that doesn’t give it an advantage. Mountain lions know how to climb up trees and they can balance on even the skinniest tree branches.

These are predators. They can reach speeds up to 50 miles per hour, and often weigh around 200 pounds. Whereas other big cats can be very vocal, mountain lions have different larynxes than other species, limiting their vocalizations.

Sometimes, mountain lions chirp or shriek, but they can also purr and roar a bit. They are also unusual because they have different names. Mountain lions are also referred to as cougars and panthers. They are also recognized as pumas and mountain screamers.

Mountain lion with forest background
Mountain lions are also referred to as cougars and panthers.


This mountain lion had to resort to its climbing skills and find refuge in the branches of a rather small tree. It’s up high and just below it, there are several hunting dogs going crazy. They are barking and howling and also trying to climb the tree. They don’t have the same skill of climbing as the mountain lion.

Hunting dogs are bred for specific purposes. Humans appoint them to different tasks, depending on their needs. In some cases, they locate camouflaged game like pheasants and in other cases, they help hunters retrieve flying game like ducks.

Mountain lions can reach 50 mph in short bursts.
Mountain lions can reach 50 mph in short bursts.


There isn’t one specific species of hunting dog. In fact, you can train several different breeds to become hunting partners. For example, you can explore the American foxhound, basset hound, or bloodhound. These dogs, when working in packs, can take down a large predator like a mountain lion.

However, mountain lion hunting is heavily regulated. It’s not even legal in some areas. Some states like Montana, New Mexico, and Nevada allow this activity. These dogs can’t climb trees, but they can gather and intimidate.  

In this clip, you see how they’re in a pack and they are barking wildly. The mountain lion is looking down upon them, hissing, and even looking over at the person filming. This mountain lion seems to look directly into the camera, understanding that it’s in a precarious situation.

It remains balanced on the branch while it continues hissing. The dogs don’t let up throughout the entire clip. They continue working wildly and aggressively letting that mountain lion know that it is not welcome there.

Mountain lion is literally driven up a tree by a pack of hunting dogs.

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Mountain lion stares into camera
Mountain lions are obligate carnivores, meaning they must eat meat to survive.
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