Watch a Pack of Wolves Descend on a Gigantic Moose in Epic Denali Showdown

Written by Kyle Glatz
Published: November 21, 2022
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Wolves are individually dangerous predators but even more powerful when they attack in packs. They typically hunt a fair amount of small prey like foxes, hares, rodents, and some deer. Yet, wolf packs take also attack and kill elk, bison, and moose. According to studies, wolves don’t usually attack the strongest, healthiest moose or elk. Instead, a pack of wolves will attempt to kill the very young or very old.

In this video, we see a young pack of wolves take on an adult moose guarding its young calf in Denali, Alaska. This is a dangerous prospect because a single moose is much larger than a wolf, and it could either charge, kick, or stomp a wolf to death. The video begins with four wolves stalking the moose as it stands in a small pond next to you a young moose.

The mother stands protectively over her young as the wolves make their way into the water. Meanwhile, the moose spins around to locate the attackers and urges her calf to get moving. Three wolves wade into the water trying to get an angle from which to attack. The mother cautiously raises her leg, waiting for the first strike.

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Wolf pack
There are two species of wolves in the world; the red wolf and the gray wolf.

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The Pack of Wolves Attacks

The first wolf attacks, but the mother moose chases it off. Meanwhile, the calf is exposed as the fourth wolf joins the hunt. One wolf actually lands a bite before being chased off by the mother. That first successful bite is a sign of things to come. Meanwhile, the adult moose tramples her young and sends it careening below the surface of the water while trying to fend off the predators.

The two moose get closer to the edge of the water and a fifth wolf joins the fray. The battle continues to rage in the water as the pack of wolves descends on the moose again and again. At one point, three wolves grab the calf before the adult chases them off. The mother’s attack ends up hurting the calf.

Eventually, the pack of wolves drags the calf out of the water and begins to inflict even more attacks. Unsurprisingly, the mother charges over again, but this time she accidentally kicks her calf, hurting it even more. The calf is too injured to move, and the mother seems to realize that the fight is over.

The mother wanders away from the grisly scene while a few wolves stand guard and others feast. The adult moose charges into their midst a few more times, but it’s far too late to save the calf. The wolves continue to drag the corpse up a hill away from the moose, ensuring that they won’t be bothered while they eat.

The last shot of the moose shows a dejected mother moving away from the area. The pack of wolves is made up of juveniles, but they’re shaping up to be effective killers. The chances are that they would not have the abilities needed to kill the adult moose. However, they managed to successfully steal a calf from a fighting adult with no repercussions or injuries on their part.  

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Pack of Wolves vs Giant Moose
Wolves kill a lot of moose calves, and are increasingly able to kill moose as they grow beyond about eight years old

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